Hot! Glow On Debuts Face Yoga With Christabel Chua As Part Of The Yin To Gin Lineup From Their Wellness Workshop Series


Content: Michelle Ng

Glow Festival has always been at the forefront of holistic wellness with their offerings, and their second instalment of Glow On is primed to inspire healing through an inspiring mix of yoga and titillating cocktails.

Glow On: Yin to Gin sees the debut of exclusive debut of Face Yoga in Singapore by Face Yoga Method Certified Teacher, Christabel Chua, a social media influencer and also founder of homegrown accessories label kai. The intimate experience is the second part of the Glow On series, pioneered by Glow Festival as a new way of running mini-events whilst still keeping to their goal of personal health and wellness.

After a relaxing yin yoga class led by PURE Yoga instructor Gabrielle Mendoza which helped to stretch the mind and the body, participants were guided to the first session of Face Yoga by Christabel. Face Yoga is a unique facial exercise combined with body posture to activate underworked facial muscles and release tension from overworked ones. Similar to what regular exercise does for the body, face yoga increases blood circulation in the face, improves skin metabolism. Most importantly, it increases self-awareness and boasts significant anti-ageing benefits.

Christabel sees face yoga as something that complements her busy schedule after seeing her mother pick up the practice due to its simple yet effective outlet. She shares that “My mom picked up Face Yoga a while ago which got me thinking about how we don’t do enough to take care of our facial muscles that do so much work to help us emote and communicate. After seeing tremendous results from her practice, I decided to learn more about it and signed up to learn directly from the creator of the Face Yoga Method, Fumiko Takatsu. Having been the ambassador for the inaugural Glow Festival in 2019, I’m thrilled to partner with Glow again.”

Face yoga can easily be adopted into your daily life, and can even be done just sitting on your bed, making it a great way to start or end your day with a positive message of self-love, albeit a bit quirky. And yes, everyone of all ages and/ or gender can do it too!

Ending the session is a gin masterclass by Compendium Spirits, Laut Bar, and Madame Fan where participants learned about the art of gin. After a quick history of gin, the science behind its production, and learning about its key ingredients, guests created their own bespoke concoctions in a cocktail-making session to rediscover their senses in the olfactory experience. The unique Gin Masterclass experience left guests feeling fully relaxed and recharged.

The mini masterclasses are also filmed and posted online on Glow Festival’s Youtube page, where fans and interested participants can join in a soulful stretch or try their hand at a bespoke gin experience from the comforts of their home.

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