Hot! Japanese Brand Citrea Launches In Singapore with a Refreshing Skincare Line Infused with Superherb Lemon Myrtle


CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Inspired by the calmness and sense of harmony of the Japanese people, new organic skincare brand citrea has launched in Singapore. Named after the spotlight ingredient that all their products are centered around, citrea is Latin for lemon.

Natural ingredients are also widely popular in Japanese products as they not only reflect their healthy lifestyle and diet, but also brings a sense of calmness through its natural scents and calming properties. The lemon myrtle herb originates from Australia, and is known as a superherb that has anti-bacterial and full of antioxidants.

The product range consists of four basic skincare products that we use every day: Moisture Mist, Face Soap, Hand Spray, and Hand Cream.


My favourite out of the whole range is the Face Soap, a clear, lemony smelling bar that easily foams up upon contact with water. The Face Soap also comes with a mesh net, which you can use during the face washing process or to hang your soap to drip dry. Just place the bar inside the mesh and lather up! The organza net also doubles up as a gentle exfoliator, gently removing dead skin and surface cells during your daily washing routine. The soap also contains hyaluronic acid to give moisture to your face, and I didn’t feel the overly “squeaky-clean” feeling typical of drying facial soaps.

Hand Spray

The Hand Spray is a hand sanitizer that I foresee myself using often – a necessary and useful product as we are in the midst of a pandemic. Lemon myrtle itself is already a natural antibiotic in itself, together with the refreshing citrus scent, makes it a perfect choice for a hand sanitizer. The small bottle is easy to tote around, and a single spray dispenses just the right amount of product. Plus it dries up pretty quickly, leaving behind a nice citrus smell instead of an alcohol-tinge that a lot of hand sanitizers leave behind.

Moisture Mist

The Moisture Mist is an interesting one as the mist is a refreshing spray suitable for the whole body instead of just the face as I initially assumed. Just like the Hand Spray, the light mist is refreshing when I use it over my limbs, with the calming scents of sandalwood, lavender and orange peel blending with lemon myrtle. It would be good for outdoor days and activities, as it refreshes me even more so when its hot. The mist also contains natural “snow fungus” polysaccharide to keep your entire body moisturized!

Hand Cream

The last moisturizing product is the Hand Cream. I’m not a fan of hand cream as I don’t like the feeling of stickiness that it leaves behind. While I liked the crisp scent blend of lemon myrtle, sandalwood, coconut, sage, rosemary, and lavender that has both moisturizing and anti-aging properties to keep your hands well-conditioned, the cream left a moist film if the weather was too humid out. I tend to keep it next to me when I’m working, and only applying it if the air-conditioned room was drying out my hands.

The Japanese brand is also COSMOS-certified, which means that the ingredients used in their products are organic and sustainably produced.

Now available for purchase on Lazada and online 

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