Hot! Maison 21G Invites You to A Polysensorial Reconnection, a Curated Multi-Sensory Exhibition

Maison 21G

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

In their latest exhibition, Maison 21G is exploring the other senses in an exhibition that will allow you to visualize and hear scents. “A Polysensorial Reconnection” is a one-of-a-kind immersive experience that sees artists interpret and create art inspired from 5 scents curated by Maison 21G Founder and Master Scent Designer Johanna Monange together with three local artists.

The 5 scents are curated from the five major scent families – Floral, Aquatic, Woody, Citrus and Amber. Yik Keat, a photographer works his magic by overlaying photos that remind us of a certain place.

Johanna Monange

Amber brings out the mystery of Japan at night, captured by Yik Keat on his travels. Further immerse into the artwork by listening to a track produced by DJ Myrne. Each scent has its own image and soundtrack, bringing it to life. For the best experience, bring your own earpiece to fully enjoy the exhibition.

Visual artist and digital illustrator Andre Wee captures the blending process of creating your own perfume, with a gorgeous gif of your creation blending together in a bottle from two different accords. L’Creation is a floral yet sweet scent that encapsulates the beauty of scent creation.

A Polysensorial Reconnection

The 6 perfume scents – Floral, Aquatic, Woody, Citrus, Amber, La Création – are available as a special collection for purchase exclusively at the Duxton Flagship Boutique and Marina Bay Sands Boutique. The perfumes come in two sizes; a 30ml EDP bottle that is good for people always on the go, and a 100ml EDP bottle so that you can enjoy the scent a little longer.

A Polysensorial Reconnection will be displayed at the Maison 21G Duxton Flagship Boutique from 10 – 17 November 2022, and at the Maison 21G Marina Bay Sands Boutique from 19 – 25 November 2023.

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