Make a Splash this Summer with Norqain’s Wild ONE Skeleton Watches

Wild ONE Skeleton Turquoise & Wild ONE Skeleton Burgundy Limited Edition_57

CONTENT: Adriel Yong

Thinking of what watch to wear during the summer can be challenging. My Apple Watch doesn’t necessarily pair well with the beaches. However, you could elevate your summer statement to new levels of style with Norqain‘s Wild ONE Skeleton watches, now available in two captivating colorways – Turquoise and Burgundy. Released on 23rd June 2023, these Swiss masterpieces with their innovative design and robustness are ideal for an adventurous summer.

The Wild ONE Skeleton Turquoise (S$8500), encapsulates the joyous vibe of a laid-back day at a Mediterranean beach club. It comes with an animal cruelty-free turquoise rubber strap that matches the rubber shock absorber, thus exuding a beautiful blend of color and class. This watch with its skeletonised movement NN08S c and revolutionary case construction offers a lightweight and robust solution for high-performance sports.

The Wild ONE Skeleton Burgundy (S$8800), captures the alluring light of a summer sunset with its unique burgundy tone. This limited-edition timepiece, restricted to just 300 pieces, comes with an integrated black rubber strap creating a stark contrast with the burgundy. It’s perfect for making a grand impression.

Wild ONE Skeleton Turquoise & Wild ONE Skeleton Burgundy Limited Edition_15

Both watches feature the innovative and lightweight NORTEQ material, built in collaboration with Jean-Claude Biver and BIWI SA. The models, weighing a mere 78 grams each, demonstrate excellent shock absorption and have withstood stringent laboratory tests at 5000g, making them apt for high-performance sports enthusiasts.

With the launch of these chic watches, Norqain has added a new level of fashion to the adventure-sports genre. Celebrating their release, Italian Olympic swimmer, Filippo Magnini has joined the Norqain ambassadorial team. Local athletes also attended the launch event in Singapore.

Wild ONE Skeleton Turquoise & Wild ON

Get ready to experience the adventurous vibe of the beach, whether you’re relaxing by the water or participating in high-action sports, with the Wild ONE Skeleton watches from Norqain. These watches aren’t just timepieces; they embody the spirit of summer.

For more information on these or any of their stunning collections, visit the Norqain website or contact your nearest Norqain official retailer. Be quick, at only 300 pieces, the Wild ONE Skeleton watches will disappear quickly from shelves.

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