Minmed Wellness Collective’s Newest Branch at Jewel has Spin Classes & Yoga in the Shiseido Forest Valley


CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Jewel Changi Airport has become a lifestyle destination for both locals and travelers, who spend time dining, shopping, or even just chilling around the largest indoor waterfall. Now you can also join spin classes and yoga classes at Jewel, with unparalleled views of the HSBC Rain Vortex and Canopy Park.

The rhythm spin classes take place in the middle of the Shiseido Forest Valley, with impressive views of the HSBC Rain Vortex and surrounded by towering lush greenery – a lovely changed from the usual studio setting.

And if you’re worried about curious onlookers, the area is cordoned off and the class is conducted in silent disco style. The headphones blocks out all the background noise with only the pumping music and your instructor leading you through the workout – although we wouldn’t have minded the relaxing sounds of the waterfall! Rhythm spin classes are available all day every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and can be booked online.


From Wednesdays to Sunday, kickstart your day with yoga, barre, and pilates classes at the Canopy Park on Level 5. Stretch out your limbs and get the blood flowing, especially if you’re just about to take off on a long flight or have a long transit here!

Aside from fitness classes, the health center has a full suite of services with customizable packages including ultrasounds, mammograms, X-rays, tonometry, tumour markers, blood pressure, and treadmill stress test depending on your requirements. Screenings are conducted in a themed cabin for a comfortable first-class experience, with snacks and refreshments to keep you sated.


Even if you’re stopping by Singapore on a layover, you can still go for a health checkup as most tests do not require fasting and you can enjoy your schedule as planned. Minmed uses state of the art technology and non-fasting tests that are as accurate as fasting tests. Next day results and tele-consulting for any followups is very convenient for travelers who can get their results on the go without worrying too much about any potential health scares. Video consultations with doctors

Minmed Wellness Collective at Jewel Changi Airport is located on #04-209, and is open from 9am – 9pm daily. Rhythm Spin, Yoga, Barre, and Pilates classes, as well as health checkup packages can be booked online 

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