Hot! Ode to Art Raises Funds for 50 Motorised Wheelchairs for the Needy in Singapore

Best Friends, 2021

In the spirit of making a meaningful difference, Ode to Art returns with its annual charity project partnering with Enabling Village this time to raise funds for 50 motorised wheelchairs for persons with disabilities. The full proceeds from 100 of artist Xie Ai Ge’s table-top sculptures sold will go to acquiring 50 motorised wheelchairs.

An initiative by the Ministry of Social and Family Development and SG Enable Ltd, Enabling Village serves–and is supported by– people with diverse abilities with the aim to build an inclusive society and enabling lives.

Sold at $900 per piece, the sculptures symbolise the purity of an ideal life untainted by commercialization. A pair of Xie Ai Ge’s sculptures will contribute for 1 motorised wheelchair for the needy. These sculptures are Xie Ai Ge’s translations of passion, charm, light-heartedness and joy and are available exclusively in Ode to Art. Each pieces comes in editions of 99.

Ode to Art

Xie, who is well known in creating sculptural lines that are poised and calm, has created a balanced and harmonious world that draws viewers in. This series of sculptures deviate from her usual works due to their size: all smaller and fitted for tabletops, timely for today’s increasing trend for compact homes. Inspired by her childhood, when she lived deep in China’s hinterland, her sculptures not only contain subjects that are delightful, charming and humorous in themselves, but also evokes a world of mountains, woods, streams, mythical figures and wild animals that caught the artist’s imagination.

They also symbolize the purity of her vision of life which has not been diluted or corrupted by her experience of living in modern Shanghai with its commercial vitality and very differing values to the ones she holds dear.

Individuals who are interested to contribute can visit Website 

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