Hot! Pisces Wellness Introduces New 5D Sculpting Facial For A Nice Facelift


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Singapore’s homegrown bespoke wellness oasis, Pisces Wellness introduces new 5D Sculpture Peptides Treatment, taking the spa’s popular line of facial treatments to the next level.

Curated for men and women demanding skin rejuvenation and ridding of aging skin woes amid their busy schedules and lifestyle stressors, the new facial is a one-stop fix to hours of researching skin-plumping products or fillers, snapping sleepy skin cells awake, and dialing one’s hydration meter up.

Pisces Wellness’ 5D Sculpture Peptides treatment combines silk protein mask and 5D sculpture lifting mask. It starts with a gentle exfoliation through daily microfoliant, an iconic exfoliating rice-based powder. H20 and calming mixes are then introduced as a pre-treatment to stabilize the skin, followed by extraction by a trained extractionist professional. Before a pampering head and shoulder massage that can put one to good sleep, acnes and clogs are cleared with soothing oil and niacinamide serum, coupled with mesotherapy. Next on the agenda is the two biggest stars of the treatment — the silk protein and 5D sculpture lifting masks.

Using long-recognized mesotherapy, Pisces’ new face sculpting treatment leverages the French rejuvenation technology that boasts ultra-penetration techniques with various rod features, straight to the dermal layers and cell interiors. It packs in rich nutrients and active ingredient from both silk protein mask and 5D sculpture lifting mask, delivering it to the mesodermal layer of the skin with high absorption rate.


The face lift and eye care rods instantly eliminate skin fatigues, double chin, eye bags, and dark circles through the promotion of blood circulation and skin metabolism. The Radio Frequency rod induces a calm heating effect that softens and smoothens the skin, alternated with the cooling piece that cools the skin, concealing well nutrition in the skin. With simultaneous warm and cooling temperatures, the elasticity of collagen fibers is refined. Mesotherapy greatly uplifts the skin permeability with luxe ingredients of HA, peptides, and oligopeptide filaments increases collagen and elastic fibers, therefore slows down aging for a supple skin and a dewy complexion.

Next step is an ultimate skin moisturizer with a silk protein mask. Using premium Hyaluronic acid (HA) and collagen peptides made of polypeptides filaments, a net of collagen silk is formed with more than 10 amino acids that plump lackluster and loose skin back to life, delivering significant hydration to boot. Silk Protein Mask is a skin-healing angel and a blood-circulation enabler that brightens the complexion and firms the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are drastically reduced.

The small molecules of HA can rapidly hydrate with radiance glowing translucent skin. It is further refined by various botanical extracts, protein-firming agents, and polypeptides to soothe and repair damaged skin. Collagen peptides are a versatile source of protein and an important element of healthy nutrition. Their nutritional and physiological properties promote the health of bones and joints, and contribute to beautiful skin. The HA-collagen peptide duo boost collagen production and improve the volume, appearance, and plumpness of the skin.

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Some may find the heart shape of the face gradually disappears over time as the skin begins to sag with age. With advancing age, the skin loses its natural own HA (1ml each year), fat, elastin, and collagen, especially in the face area, resulting in a deflating face. Therefore, the youthfulness of the face is not simply the tightness of the skin, but also the fullness of it. It is time to turn to a skin lift to regain a bouncy and radiant skin. The advantage of this 5D Sculpture Lifting Mask gives the face a uniform lift and contour. This treatment mask adopts the concept of long-standing mummy masks – a mask application that fits precise contours of your face. Skin plumping upon contact is ensured with no single area left out. This is the essence of optimizing absorption and concealing of nutrients under the epidermal layers — with all goodness from the mask. Water loss are replenished, and moisture is locked in. Calling for happy hours with hefty shots of plumping doses to achieve some seriously taut skin that bounces back to the touch.

Pisces Wellness’ 5D Sculpture Peptides Treatment is priced at S$268 (before GST) and a first trial price at S$98 (before GST), a well-contoured, shaper face is no longer out of reach!

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