Hot! Puma SG City Tees Collection 2022


Puma is back with two new designs as part of the SG City Tees Collection in honour of Singapore’s 57th Birthday and the much-anticipated annual National Day celebration – “Hot Hot!” and “Durian Durian”.

A series of aircon vents forming the word “PUMA”, the “Hot Hot!” graphic tee is Hippchen’s punny, personal take on the staple air-conditioning system that is the counter-solution for Singapore’s hot and humid weather. An essential in most households, a fundamental in malls, offices and transportation, Singapore has earned the moniker “Air-Conditioned Nation”, with air conditioning definitely an element that represents Singapore living.


Inspired by the 1980s’ band, Duran Duran, which sounds similar to the iconic Durian fruit that is widely popular in Singapore and Malaysia, the “Durian Durian” band tee features three Durian-head musicians performing live alongside the phrase “play play live”, a play on the Singlish lingo. A throwback to the 80s’, the design also sees retro elements of color usage and font type.

The Puma SG City Tees 2022 Collection also sees its two local-inspired designs, Old School Calendar and Shop House, from the previous collection. This line-up of localized designs continues to highlight the distinctive Singapore story and spirit through motifs of signature dishes, local lingos and iconic landmarks that resonate with the locals, bringing a sense of community and joy that Singaporeans will always be proud of.

Puma’s SG City Tees 2022 Collection is available exclusively at the new PUMA 313@somerset Flagship store retailing at S$39.00.

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