Hot! REVIEW: meeth’s Lifty Wash – The perfect skincare starter for men

meeth Lifty Wash

CONTENT: Yeo Terence

With a rising popularity in men’s skincare, many are looking for safe and trusted products with minimal chemicals, yet are able to deliver results to kickstart their journey. Founded by Japanese model, Sonmi, meeth is a Japanese luxury skincare brand that is gentle, skin-nourishing natural ingredients and the endlessly potent abilities of Japanese technology that is suitable for both men and women. With their natural ingredients, all skin types can use their products, which are able to target variety of issues we encounter in the harsh environments we are exposed to everyday like impurities in the air, sun spots, blemishes and humidity.

Its timeless philosophy ‘Your Skin Is The Best Jewel’ bespoke the belief that regardless of gender, proper skincare is the key to discovering self-confidence and falling in love with oneself. “Men and women are not much different when it comes to skincare,” said Sonmi, founder of meeth and this is reflective in the gender-neutral properties of all meeth products.

meeth’s gender-neutral Lifty Wash is the perfect entry-level product for beginners as a soothing foaming facial cleanser rudimentary for any skincare routine. With a plethora of organic ingredients like Canadian grey clay and Pentavilin, meeth’s Lifty Wash offers hydration, anti-aging and a natural detox all in one product.

Given that a facial cleanser is rudimentary to a skincare routine, meeth’s Lifty Wash is undoubtedly the perfect entry-level product for all skincare newbies. As the starter to any skincare routine, meeth’s Lifty Wash promises an uplifting sensation that perfectly kickstarts anybody’s morning routine.

This invigorating effect is inextricably linked to the multitude of natural ingredients incorporated to achieve multipurpose effects – the Canadian glacial clay offering a natural detox and leaving the skin purified and delightfully refreshed after every wash, the anti-aging fermented soybean that continuously hydrates and refines the skin over time, and the trusted Pentavilin as the final miracle ingredient to lock in moisture and protect against dehydration. The beauty in its simplicity in usage doubles up as a reassurance to first time users and the enjoyable experience as a serotonin boost guarantees users to continue on their skincare voyage.

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