RuhensBoost+ Launches Limited Black Panther Edition in Collaboration with Disney

Ruhens Boost

Ruhens Boost+, the upgraded version of the popular nano-direct tankless hot and cold water purifier, now comes with a brand new look, paying homage to the protector of Wakanda, The Black Panther.

Created in collaboration with Disney, the model continues to boast improved features including more sophisticated filter indicators, self-changing filters and contactless dispensing. It also comes with eco-saving mode.

Dressed in sleek black, the colour of the Black Panther, it features the Panther with one claw striking in mid-action on one side, complete with the words “Wakanda Forever”. On the other, the Panther’s motif gleams in quiet watchfulness. The font of the purifier boasts a clean outline of the panther in gold, carrying the title Black Panther front and centre.

This special edition Ruhens Boost+ continues to be the quintessential water purifier in your home for clean, pure water for your every need.


The Ruhens Boost+ has been highly lauded by homemakers as an essential home product for its tankless, multi-temperature capabilities. Get hot, cold, room temperature or warm water at the touch of a button with the Ruhens Boost+, which offers four different precise temperature controls –at 4ºC, 20ºC, 85ºC and 95ºC –through a direct cooler and heating technology. These varying temperatures conveniently provides homeowners’ their needs for a variety of occasions:

•4ºC: Great for cold-brew iced-tea sachets, or to hydrate on a hot day
•20ºC: Great for hydration just below room temperature throughout the day
•85ºC: Easily sterilise any kitchen utensils, or prepare coffee and cup noodles
•95ºC: Quickly and easily bring water to a boil for all your cooking or cleaning needs

The Ruhens Boost+ is priced at S$2,299 (inclusive of 1 year worth of filters) and available for purchase at Ruhens Studios.

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