Hot! Sonmi Opens Luxury Skincare Brand meeth’s First Flagship Store In Singapore

meeth Plaza Singapura

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Japanese model Sonmi has just launched her very own skincare brand, meeth, which has opened its very first flagship store in Singapore at Plaza Singapura. Driven by her passion for great skincare, the model wants to help people boost their self-confidence with glowing skin.

meeth’s approach to skincare is grounded in gentle, skin-nourishing ingredients found in Japan and the endless, new abilities of advanced technology. It embodies the very best of cutting-edge Japanese innovation, bringing together timeless solutions and high-tech procedures that nourishes your skin with gentle formulas.

meeth’s products don’t have harsh chemicals, yet are able to deliver results. With their natural ingredients, all skin types can use their products, which are able to target variety of issues we encounter in the harsh environments we are exposed to everyday like impurities in the air, sun spots, blemishes and humidity.

meeth skincare

Their signature range is the Morerich range that compromises of the Morerich Essential Lotion, facial wash Morerich Smooth Cleans, and a face mask, Morerich Pack. The Essential Lotion contains purified deep sea water from Hokkaido, rich with natural minerals and skin-healing nutrients to lock in the hydration for that dewy skin. Use the Essential Lotion in the morning and evening before your moisturizer to prevent skin ageing and acne.

Once in a while, give yourself a selfcare day with the Morerich pack. The gel face mask comes in two different sachets, that you have to mix before applying it to your face. Mixing the pack creates a carbonated gel, that eventually hardens upon application. If you just came back from a really dry country or have experienced really dry skin lately, use the mask every day for 7 days consecutively to rejuvenate your skin. For regular care, use the mask once everyday one or two weeks.

The Foaming Facial Cleanser is the addition that you need to your skincare routine. There isn’t a smell, which means that its fragrance free, and doesn’t leave your face too squeaky clean. Leave it on no longer for 1 minute when washing your face, and I like how it foams just enough to quickly smooth all over my face.

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For those who want to boost their skincare routine and see result in a short time, the Twelement Day Cream is formulated to really pump in all those antioxidants and nutrients into your skin. The name comes from the 12 active ingredients used in the products that help to target pain points like replenishing hydration, lifting up the skin, collagen boosting to improve skin elasticity and firmness, and to whiten the skin for baby-smooth skin. We also like how the brand also sells refills for their creams so you can reuse the bottle in a further step towards sustainability.

meeth also has self-care for the body. Keep your whole body silky smooth with the Silky Body Scrub, made from top-grade sea salt from Ako City to smooth away all the impurities in the air whilst providing essential minerals. The gentle formula also has natural ingredients like ceramide, red algae, and pear juice, making it suitable for all skin types.

Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #01-58

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