Supercharged Boosters: MartiDerm’s SHOTS Range Targets Skin Concerns With Minimalist Formula

MartiDerm Shots Range

CONTENT: Michelle Ng
IMAGE: MartiDerm

While the Korean 10 step skincare routine is renowned to give you that glowy, clear skin, there are days where a routine with lesser steps is more appealing! In light of Singapore’s humidity and heat, we also find that layering lesser products feels better on our skin. With the right products, a smaller skincare routine can yield the same effective results. MartiDerm’s latest SHOTs series is a great addition to anyone looking to pare down their skincare routine, as the concentrated formula targets skin concerns.

The SHOTs range has 5 different products to target 5 different skin concerns, and it does so by maximizing efficacy through the synergy of only two active ingredients. By not having too many ingredients in one product, the SHOT is highly concentrated and can accurately target the skin concern for fast results. The SHOTs range also comes in three types of textures to allow it to absorb quickly into the skin, without leaving any grease or film behind.

Here is a quick lowdown on the 5 different MartiDerm SHOTs, so you can find the perfect combination for you.

Hyaluronic Firm – to moisturize and firm skin

Keeping the skin moisturized is very important to reduce oiliness and acne, and in the long term can also help prevent deeper wrinkles from forming. The Hyaluronic Firm SHOT contains 2.5% of hyaluronic acid and proteum + to boost skin moisture and lock in hydration, and the concentrated gel texture is light-weight and absorbs fast. With long term use, there will also be firming effects and also wrinkles will be less noticeable as the skin barrier is revitalized.

Vitamin C Antiox – to brighten and even skin tone

Dull skin can be caused by environmental pollutants and constant demands of a busy schedule. Apply the melting balm which contains 15% pure Vitamin C and ginger, and melts easily into your skin as you rub it in. The Vitamic C Antiox increases the antioxidants in your skin to reduce the signs of aging and environment, resulting in brighter and radiant skin, with a clearer skin tone.

Retinol Salysic

Retinol Renew – to reduce wrinkles and brighten skin

Retinol is popular as an anti-aging skincare, and MartiDerm’s Retinol Renew uses a combination of 0.3% Retinol and niacinamide for maximum rejuvenation efficacy. The melting balm melts into your skin, and can be used daily to achieve soft and smooth skin as retinol increases collagen and acts as a natural exfoliant to increase skin cell turnover. For those who are thinking of incorporating retinol into your routine, start with applications on alternate nights, and gradually increase usage as and when your skin needs.

Salicylic Imperfections – to regulate sebum production and reduce acne

This one’s for those who combination and oily skin. The duo combination of 2% saliciyc acid and tea tree helps control sebum production, while the tea tree has anti-inflammatory properties that calms acne and irritation that people with oily skin tend to suffer from. Overtime, you’ll also notice a smaller appearance of pore size, blemishes fade faster, and overall sebum production is lower.

Arbutin Dark Spots – to reduce appearances of pigmentation and dark spots

Stubborn darkspots and uneven skin tone from hyperpigmentation is hard to avoid as you age, but you can definitely slow down the effects! 5% arbutin and glycyrrhetic acid are mixed together in a light cremi gel that reduces your skin’s melanin production, which is responsible for pigmentation and dark spots. Use it regularly to lighten dark spots, which results in a clearer and more even skin tone.


So how does the MartiDerm SHOT fit into your skincare routine? After cleansing your face, select the SHOT for which your skin needs some attention to, follow up with an ampoule to seal in the effects, and end with a moisturizer. The SHOTs do not need to be used everyday, but can be used only on days when your skin really needs it to stay at its optimal condition.

Each MartiDerm SHOT comes in a small squeezable tube, easy for application and to bring overseas during your travels to keep your skin glowy. Some SHOTs can be layered to reduce recovery time, but avoid layering the Retinol and Vitamin C Antiox together as the active ingredients can react negatively. In the same sentiment of a lean skincare routine, layer at most 2 SHOTs at any time. Always remember, sometimes less is more!

The MartiDerm SHOTs series is available for purchase online at, and online at Lazada and Shopee.

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