Hot! The New Black Opens in Republic Plaza, Singapore

THE NEW BLACK Republic Plaza

The New Black has officially opened their newest and largest outlet at Republic Plaza, in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. Designed from the ground up by Founder and CEO Phoa Kia Boon, to blend the artistry of the new wave of coffee with the energy and style of the city, The New Black is now a significant and disruptive force on the Singapore coffee scene.

The opening of the Republic Plaza venue coincides with the arrival of Bronwen Serna as The New Black’s Director of Coffee and Education. The former U.S. Barista Champion and highly regarded roaster assumes the responsibility for barista training at The New Black Academy, as well as quality control of the company’s curated collection of coffees and teas. Serna will also be seen pulling espresso shots and brewing coffees behind the steel barista benches at The New Black outlets and will be conducting private tastings and workshops, taking advantage of the venue’s dramatic theatre-like layout.

THE NEW BLACK Republic Plaza

Like the new wave of independent cafes springing up in major cities, it offers artisan coffees – but not as a single or ‘house’ roast. The New Black offers instead, a uniquely large and diverse collection of some of the most celebrated roasters and tea masters in the world. And it does so in an elegantly cool, sharp and colourful environment that’s far removed from the laid-back informality and retro style of the hipster venues, or the faux period style of the big chains. Every element of the venue was designed by Phoa and Creative Director Clifford Hiscock, from the stainless furniture and barista benches, to the vibrant lightbox posters, colourful cups, orange baristas’ jackets and even the baristas’ shoes.

“I had a complete vision for The New Black, before I even started drawing,” says Phoa. “I knew what was missing and the way I thought it should be done. Great coffee is something that should be celebrated in a bright and upbeat way. It shouldn’t be like drinking old whisky in a quiet bar late at night. The CBD is mostly a daylight environment and drinking coffee and tea are bright, happy things do to. I wanted The New Black to set that scene instead of all this old, dark wood we see everywhere.”

The New Black, Republic Plaza, Singapore, is located at 9 Raffles Place, Singapore 048619. Opens on Mondays to Fridays, 08:00am – 07:00pm, and Saturdays, 09:00am – 02:00pm. Closed on Sundays. For more information about The New Black and its other outlets, please visit

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