Hot! Translating the Luxury Service Sector Into the Virtual World

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CONTENT: Jessica Williams

Luxury-related sectors such as hair care, beauty treatments and professional massage parlours draw in the equivalent of billions of dollars each and every year. However, it is interesting to note that this marketplace is also emerging throughout the virtual world to reach an even larger target audience. What are some of the main benefits that such a move will entail and why are Asian businesses choosing to work with expert-level e-commerce portals such as ? While some of these answers may appear quite logical, others could indeed offer up a unique level of insight into the expanding digital domain.

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The Benefits of an Increased Online Presence
One of the most obvious advantage associated with a digital presence is that local and regional providers will be able to reach a much larger community. In fact, many firms which previously operated solely out of Asia are now doing business with other portions of the world such as the United Kingdom and the United States. This decidedly international edge is excellent in terms of revenue generation as well as brand recognition.

However, we also need the address the important concepts of quality, transparency and brand identity. Clients who are able to interact with an online portal can take their time when viewing different products and services. Not only are they capable of making informed decisions, but the purchasing processes themselves are clear and straightforward. In other words, a conversion is more likely to be made when compared to simply “window shopping”.

Brand identity is just as pivotal; particularly within a society that is partially defined by the emergence of new products and services on a seemingly daily basis. Brands which are able to actively promote their logos and mission statements will resonate with customers to a greater extent. This type of recognition ultimately influences the buying process; allowing for a higher return on investment (ROI).

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The Undeniable Role of E-Commerce Solutions
Even the largest luxury-related firms can have difficulty reaching the intended target audience. This can be caused by several factors including (but not always limited to):

  • A lack of IT knowledge
  • Limited funding
  • Not enough time on a daily basis
  • A substandard customer support system

It just so happens that these very same variables can be addressed by partnering with a powerful e- commerce platform. Not only will e-commerce providers offer day-to-day logistical solutions, but their utilities and tools can be modified as the needs of the business continue to evolve. In other words, a single platform is able to be employed for years at a time.

There are naturally some hurdles which may still need to be overcome within the sector of luxury goods. High tariffs associated with certain regions, trade agreements and political stumbling blocks are a few examples. It is nonetheless a fact that this industry has grown in leaps and bounds thanks to the presence of the Internet. There is no reason to think that such a movement will lose momentum any time soon.

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