Hot! Womanizer Premium Eco & Arcwave Ion: The World’s First Eco-friendly & Biodegradable Wellness Gadget

CONTENT: Seraphina Tang

Renowned wellness brand Womanizer has recently launched the Womanizer Premium Eco, the first biodegradable and recyclable sexual wellness gadget. With increasing awareness about sexual wellness and female pleasure, there’s less of a taboo around sex toys. And what better with the new Premium Eco, which combines sustainability with sexual wellness?

Made from Biolene, a biodegradable and fully recyclable bioplastic, the Premium Eco has a replaceable and rechargeable battery – good for both you and the environment. The gadget also comes in a pretty, plastic-free packaging made of FSC paper, which can also be recycled, together with a protective bag made of 100% organic cotton. What’s more, Womanizer is also working together with global reforestation organisation One Tree Planted to plant a tree with every purchase of the Premium Eco.

With that being said, is the new Premium Eco price tag of S$280 worth? Here’s what we think.

Coming in a pretty shade of rose-pink, we liked its modular design that resembles certain skincare cleansing devices – we had friends mistaking it for the latter after posting it on Instagram. Talk about discreet! Featuring Womanizer’s patented “Pleasure Air Technology”, which makes use of air suction to create vibration-like waves on one’s clitoris, we also liked how the Premium Eco’s stimulation cap was removable, and we could switch it out for another, different-sized one if needed.

Using the gadget itself was quite a fool-proof process, with the toy’s sleek design being able to fit in a palm easily. The toy comes with 12 different speeds, and what we liked is how we’re able to gently increase the intensity of the sensations to our preferred level. The gadget is also surprisingly quiet even at the highest level – there’s even a Smart Silence feature that you can activate by pressing both “plus” and “minus” buttons simultaneously. While suitable for couples to use as well, we’d prefer using the Premium Eco for solo play, simply because of how soothing it feels, with its easily customisable intensity levels, and design that’s better suited for one.

On the downside, the battery life for the Premium Eco isn’t as long-lasting as we’d like – lasting around 3 hours, and needing almost 2 hours for a full charge.

Overall, while the price for the Premium Eco is on the high side, we do think it is worth investing in. Nothing good comes cheap, as they say, and with a toy that values both sustainability and your sexual wellness, why not invest in both?

Arc Wave ION

The Arcwave Ion which also uses pleasure air technology for stimulation and promises a new kind of orgasm is also available for a long and lasting pleasure for men.

The Womanizer Premium Eco (S$280) and The Arcwave Ion (S$280) is available at Guardian stores in Singapore, and online at Guardian and Amazon 

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