Hot! Furla Bloom Bag Launches in Singapore

FURLA Bloom Bag

Furla’s new Bloom Bag is foldable, supple, light, airy, and paper, the paired chain shoulder is in recycled acrylic.

Complex in its simplicity, it reveals its nature slowly, in layers. Beautiful and functional at the same time. Designed carefully. With love. Handbags and women live side by side, together, every day. A bag is a shield, an ally, a friend. A repository of secrets, holding personal effects, things: baggage of emotions.

Bloom Bag, like Furla, is Italian. Italy-made. Italian Style is something that the Italians are born with, but that everybody can acquire. Style is a learning process: learning to know yourself. Know your taste. Know what makes you happy. Be happy with yourself, be happy with others.

Bloom Bag is made from paper with organic materials, biodegradable under controlled composting conditions, and free of petroleum-derived substances.

The main component of the material is wood pulp from responsibly managed forests with an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. It is made entirely in Italy and without using chemicals that are harmful or toxic to the environment and human health.

The Furla Bloom Bag is now available at all Furla boutiques, as well as the official Furla Lazada flagship store.

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