Hot! Loro Piana Maxi Carré Scarves

As we go from sunshine to rain with the current erratic weather conditions, why not drape yourself in Loro Piana’s collection of scarves, perfect for either setting. Featuring the iconic Maxi Carré scarf in cashmere and silk, Loro Piana’s distinctive elements – colour, textures and prints comes into play in a beautiful showcase of flowy yet classic and elegant vibes.

Distinct to this collection of scarves is a rich story-telling element which gives meaning to the style of each scarves, further accentuating the brand’s DNA in a very special and sentimental way. With scarves named after that of a famous square in Saint Tropez to rainbow inspired themes which capture the light to create a full spectrum of shades, giving rise to an original kaleidoscope effect, the result is a charming masterpiece that stands out for its interesting nuances.

Maxi Carré Scarves

Known as one of the most widely loved scarves, the Maxi Carré scarf is seen recreated in a variety of shades, prints and patterns catered for different moods and occasions. From patterns of concentric stripes and circles to geometric flowers and leaves framed in colourful silk bands, as well as solid and tonal shades, these beautiful scarves are sure to lift up your mood be it rain or shine. Bringing the best of both worlds in terms of style and comfort, the brands careful considerations of versatility and simplicity comes through as its innovative shape and size lends the accessory structure and body, making it easy to drape but never voluminous or bulky.

Crafted from printed superlight cashmere and silk yarn that gives it a lightweight yet exclusive lustre to the colours, each piece of scarves gives off a unique vibe that makes it a pleasure to wear. A standout accessory which adds that final yet lasting touch of originality and vibrancy to a host different looks be it chic, feminine, or romantic, be mesmerised by the intricate details and silky texture that keeps you wrapped up in warmth and comfort.

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