Hot! Tod’s Launches Fifth and Latest Instalment of the TOD’S No_Code Project: No_Code J


The new No_Code J project is an urban sneaker inspired by outdoor performance, a technical piece that can be adapted and be useful in diverse terrains as cities are increasingly considered a ‘tough environment’. A perfect synthesis of advanced technology and high production quality making No_Code projects unique, No_Code J is now equipped with performance suitable for rough terrains.

Korean designer Yong Bae Seok took inspiration for the ‘J’ project from his trip to Silicon Valley in 2020 in which he produced the book, ‘Silicon Valley, No_Code Life’. “The trip to California enabled me to experience how different solutions are needed for different terrains. Passing from large metropolises to immense natural landscapes highlights how important a careful assessment of the materials and processing is to guarantee high resistance and performance levels in the creation of a shoe,” explains the designer.


In Yong’s words, “This shoe is a natural evolution of the No_Code project. The creative process, started from the quality and craftsmanship at TOD’S, and the challenge we faced in having to deal with technicalities and the skills required for a model suitable for any situation. The technological research and testing in the processing were a real challenge, which I can confidently say we adapted to form a reliably durable product. The new No_Code J (where ‘J’ stands for journey) answers the needs of people who are looking for adventure, contact with nature and the outdoors, even in a more urban context; thus making ‘J’ ‘all terrain’ where, in the words of the architect Louis H. Sullivan, “Form follows function.”

Tod’s No_Code Project: No_Code J is available at Tod’s Boutiques worldwide and online 

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