5 Up-And-Coming Culinary Hawkerpreneurs To Look Out For At Sentosa Food Truck Fiesta 2023

The Palawan Food Trucks

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Food trucks are popular in the US and other parts of the world for their delicious street food. Wrapping up the Sentosa Food Fest 2023 is the Food Truck Fiesta, where 14 food trucks and 10 local hawkerpreneurs head to Palawan Green to showcase their delicious food and tantalizing dishes.

Here are our favourite trucks to keep an eye out for when you’re there, along with the dishes to try!

1.SugarBellySG – Satsumaimo Pon De Rings Mochi Donut and MSW Durian Crème Brownies

Do not wait till the end of the night to get your desserts from SugarBellySG as they were so popular that the wait for their donuts and brownies were at least 30 to 40 minutes long. And it’s not hard to see why, when the sugar-free and egg-free mochi donut is crispy and chewy to the bite without being too rich. The Satsumaimo White Chocolate is a sweet and savoury donut with a sweet potato-flavoued chocolate layer, and you can’t go wrong with the classic Sakura Strawberry and Cacao Chocolate flavours. They also have their signature brownies filled with crème center fillings – pick from their signature MSW Durian Crème, Japanese Earl Grey, and Lotus Biscoff.

2.Nara Bear – Wagyu Sliders

Nara Bear is a Thai catering restaurant, so we would have never been able to enjoy their food if it wasn’t thanks to the Food Truck Fiesta! They had a Dorito Chip snack bag, served with either nacho cheese or Thai chilli which makes for a great snack, but the Wagyu Sliders blew our mind. Grilled bite-size pieces of wagyu meat were filled in a fried lotus leaf bao, and each bite just melted in our mouth in juicy bursts of flavour. The Tom Yum Mama Noodles and Larb Kung (spicy shrimp salad) are other familiar crowd favourites.

Kueh & Rolls - Sausage Kimbap Happy Set

3.Kueh and Rolls – freshly made Nyonya kueh

The seemingly random combination of Korean kimbaps and nyonya kuehs at the store was a bit confusing, but for some reason it worked. The rolls came in different fillings, like creamy tuna mayo, fluffy egg rolls, teriyaki chicken, which can be easily shared with friends. The Nyonya kuehs are freshly baked, with fragrant and subtle flavours to end the meal – we weren’t expecting them to taste so good.

4.Singapore National Junior Culinary Team – Loaded Potatoes With Braised Pulled Pork

Headed by a group of aspiring young chefs from the local culinary team, the Loaded Potatoes is humble yet filling, with a parboiled potato served with cheesy mac and cheese. Add on Pulled Pork or Pulled Duck to make it a complete meal that will leave you satisfied.

5.Durian Princess – Musang King Durian Coconut Pudding

Indulge in a refreshing dessert from popular durian stall Durian Princess. The signature Musang King Durian comes with sweet coconut pudding and topped with creamy durian, and the stall is also selling Pahang Musang King Durian for you to get your fill of the fruit! If you’re not a fan of the thorny fruit, there are other coconut pudding flavours like Fresh Mango Chunks, Lotus Biscoff, and Oreo Crunch Pudding


Aside from the hearty selection of food, there is also plenty of fringe activities like free movie screenings with family friendly shows so that the whole family can join in the fun. Bring a picnic mat and a fan as it can get quite warm, and you can enjoy the night with food and fun at Movies By The Beach. Coincidentally, September is also Mid-Autumn Festival, so drop by to paint your own Paper Lantern, which you can then bring home with you.

The Sentosa Food Truck Fiesta 2023 is happening every Friday – Sunday, 5-10pm from 1 – 17 Sep 2023, and is located at The Palawan at Sentosa. Entry is free.

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