Hot! BAM! Restaurant Goes Omakase


CONTENT: Andrew Kho

Located at Tras Street and has been in operation for over four and a half years, the place which was formerly known as BAM! Sake and Tapas Bar has since then rebranded and is now known only by the name of BAM!

Following the revamp, the restaurant has ceased their ala-carte selection and is now on a full-fledged omakase only concept. Headed by executive chef Pepe Moncayo, BAM! guests will surely be enticed with the dishes selected and coursed entirely by Chef Moncayo himself.

Having more than 80 types of Sake, BAM! has leveraged on this by offering an optional Sake pairing along with the Omakase menu. For diners who are not well knowledgeable about the different types of Sake, the restaurant will have a trained sommeliers to guide you through each of the labels being offered, from the source of the sake up to the taste profile of each of the sake.

Pepe Moncayo - Executive Chef of BAM!

The Omakase Dishes
A point to take note, Omakase always comes with an element of surprise, the Chef decides the menu and dishes to be served depending on the ingredients available, this means that the dishes we have previously tried might not be served again. But let us share to you some of the dishes we tried, who knows maybe you are able to try it on your second, third, fourth or fifth visit.


We had the eight course omakse with the Sake pairing and here’s some of the dishes that we loved from this menu, first is the Ankimo Tofu with Caviar , the tofu having made from monkfish liver is softly crisped and soft inside. next is the Green Beans, Ama Ebi & Uni, Ponzu Jelly, the Ama Ebi is a type of sweet prawn from Japan, this dish was paired with the Gasanryu Hinjozo Sake from the Tohoku region which is aromatic with fresh notes of flower bouquet, a well balanced sake. we also loved the fresh Tuna Noten “Gazpachuelo”, Sago, Tobiko paired with the Fine and Dry Yamanashi Junmai Ginjo (Yamanashi), Soft aroma taste and fruity scent. we found the Congee with Espardenya quite unique and something you wouldn’t be tired of having again and again, this dish was paired with fruity and aromatic Inaba Shuzuo Junmai Daiginjo (Ibaraki). last but not to be missed is the soft and tender Pork Jowl, Sesame, Onion, Emperor’s Sprout paired with Masumi Karakuchi Gold Daiginjo (Nagano), light in taste and mild aroma type of sake. If i have to sin for a day, ill be thinking of this pork jowl.


BAM! Restaurant’s Omakase Menu is available in four-course, six-course and eight-course and is also available as a meatless alternative to chef Pepe’s culinary ingenuity, should you have any dietary restrictions feel free to let Chef Pepe or any of their staff know and for sure they can whip up something for you.

For post-dinner hankerings, BAM! offers a Dessert Omakase (S$48++ for three courses), featuring a toothsome selection of desserts and petit fours—all made in-house by BAM!’s dedicated patissiers to give each meal the sweet ending it deserves.


We highly commend BAM! Restaurant for the bold move of changing their concept to an all Omakase Menu, something new will always keep surprising even the most discerning diners. Dining at this restaurant will always be a revelation in their own very special way.

The BAM! Omakase Menus are priced at the following: Four courses: S$98++ (additional S$58++ with sake pairing); Six courses: S$148++ (additional S$78++ with sake pairing); Eight courses: S$188++ (additional S$98++ with sake pairing); Vegetarian Omakase: S$78++ for four course, S$98++ for six courses (additional S$58++ or S$98++ with sake pairing); and Dessert Omakase: S$48++ for three courses (additional S$34++ with sake and wine pairing).

For a fuss-free midday or after-work treat, BAM! also offers a set lunch menu (S$40++ for four courses) every Tuesday to Friday from 12.00pm to 2.00pm; and a Sake-Tapas Tastings happy hour (S$48++ for five sakes and five tapas) every Monday from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.

BAM! Restaurant is located at 38 Tras Street, Singapore 078977, for reservations please call: +65 6226 0500, email: or visit

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