Hot! Bayswater Kitchen Launches New Sunday Brunch on a Private Island

Bayswater Exterior

A new venue for brunch lovers to relax and dine on seafood with a view

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Everyone loves a sunday brunch session, it is the perfect time to catch up on some much needed rest after a hectic work week and a good reason to dine on exquisite food and start drinking when the sun is still up. (Hence a hangover brunch, we’ve all been there)

Located at the secluded and serene Marina at Keppel Bay on Keppel Island, Bayswater Kitchen focuses on putting a seafood-centric twist on classic brunch favourites, perfect for those looking for a healthy and relaxing seafood treat on Sundays.

Drink the Sun Away
No weekend brunch would be complete without a bottle of champagne or glasses of mimosas to get the brunch buzz going, hence Bayswater have come up with their own special cocktail mix- PIMM’s Lemonade(S$48). The drink is slightly sour but citrusy and chocked full of fruits that are full of Vit C goodness that is sure to get your day going on a fruity goodness!

The Plate Master
Bayswater’s Chef De Cuisine Jack Allison has ensured that every single one of their dishes uses fresh ingredients on a daily basis! They even use a special kind of wood for the grill when they cook their proteins! As the saying goes that the taste is in the pudding, for this instance, the taste is in the protein.

The menu has a perfect balance of seafoods and meats to spruce up your weekends. What makes the place stand out is that they serve the freshest seafoods and cooked just perfect to your liking.

Grown-Up Fish Fingers Burger

Take the Grown-Up Fish Fingers Burger (S$20)– The haddock fish fingers were nicely seasoned with their in-house secret seasoning. One impressive feat was that the batter used to coat the fish was so light that it wasn’t overwhelming and there was more meat then batter when the fish fingers were cut open! The buns were nicely toasted with a hint of butter but not too much till it overwhelmed the fish as the main star of the dish. The fish fingers were cooked to perfection and it wasn’t frozen- it can be seen by the flakiness of the fish when you pick it up with a fork. The crisp cut fries were nicely cooked too, the dish was only missing a lemon wedge to squeeze on the dish to add in a mild sour kick to make it phenomenal.

Soft-shell Crab Benedict

The Soft-shell Crab Benedict (S$26)– The eggs benedict is cooked to please your mouth almost to perfection, cut into the eggs and watch the goodness of the yolk flow out luxuriously. Like with the fish fingers burger, the crab had a perfect balance of batter coverage, as well as being nicely seasoned to the point that the flavour of the crab came out almost immediately when you bite down on it. The Hollandaise sauce was very creamy and mildly salty, and a very generous amount was given to us on the plate.

For customers who are looking to enjoy a conventional English Sunday Roast instead of seafood, Chef Jack channels his British heritage with tender slices of a Ribeye Beef steak ($45) or Free-Roaming Chicken ($36) served with Yorkshire Pudding, Cauliflower, Cheese, Roast Potatoes, Bacon & Cabbage, Peas, Carrots, and Gravy.

Fisherman’s Potluck

Since the restaurant prides itself on serving up a mean dish of seafood wholesomeness, we ordered their highly acclaimed and sought after Fisherman’s Potluck (S$45 per person/min two people) that’s perfect for sharing. The prawns given were huge, juicy and full of flavour, you could taste the flavour of the grill on them due to them having the perfect sear when being grilled. The clams had a very average taste, the size of the mussels were huge but tasted average too. The salmon was extremely delicious, the protein was nicely cooked and melted in the mouth when it was chewed on, remember to dip it in the broth to add a nice smooth and sensual flavour to the fish. The bread is a little rough and tough to bite into, but dip it in the seafood rich broth so that it becomes softer and easier to chew. Although the potluck was meant for two people to share, the potluck can easily feed four people! I only had an issue with the delightful broth going to waste at the end of the meal, If only they had more rice or bread provided, the exquisite broth would not have to go to waste!

A Sweet Ending
On top the delicious starters and mains, Bayswater Kitchen continued to impress and this time is through their delicious, most-sought after Banoffee (S$12)– The ice cream was creamy and extremely rich in flavour, the biscuits provided the foundation and a solid bite to the dessert. The banana goes along with the ice cream creaming a banana milkshake sort of texture and taste when eaten together.

Millefeuille of Summer Berries

The Millefeuille of Summer Berries (S$12)– Visually, it looks stunning. The puff is extremely soft and thin when cut into, but it retains a very crispy texture- a signature aspect of this classic French dessert. The dessert is topped off with a serving of fresh raspberry sorbet, that goes along with the sweetness of the raspberries and blueberries while balanced with just the right amount of cream.

Other than the mouth-watering dishes that the Kitchen cooks up, there are a multitude of activities to do at the restaurant as well. Regardless if you choose to sit alfresco by the water or in the breezy indoor space, you’ll also be serenaded to the jazzy tunes from their two-piece acoustic live band.

While waiting for the food to arrive, head to the recreational room and challenge your friends or other guests to a friendly game of ping pong or foosball. There is also a special children’s menu and colouring activities so brunch can be a family affair with the kids too.

Lastly, with the fantastic views of the various yachts docked at the pier and the restaurant’s fantastic decorations, don’t miss the opportunity to spice up on your instagram feed by taking some shots with your phone.

Bayswater Kitchen Sunday Brunch By The Bay runs every Sunday from 11.30am to 5.00pm.

Bayswater Kitchen is located at: 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382

For reservations please call +65 6776 077, email: or visit:

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