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CONTENT: Adriel Yong

Sushi Tei has launched its new Joy Spring Menu to reflect the flavours and atmosphere of springtime in Japan. Central to this new menu is Camellia Buri and Satsuma Wagyu Beef.

The Camellia Buri is a farm-raised fish that comes from Kamigoto Island, Nagasaki. The Japanese amberjack is fed a diet that is enriched with camellia oil which has health benefits such as lower cholesterol and improved skin repair.

Sashimi Moriawase Goto 4 Kinds

As we sink our teeth into the thick slices of the Camellia Buri, we were surprised by how delicate and tender the meat of the fish was. The Camellia Buri sashimi can be served on its own and is also found in the Sashimi Moriawase “Goto” 4 Kinds (S$29.80). The Moriawase includes traditional selections off salmon, sweet shrimp and swordfish as well.

If you are still craving for more fresh catch after the Moriawase, you can also have the Bara Chirashi Tower (S$15.80) which is stacked with an assortment of sashimi, avocado and sushi rice. The Chirashi Tower is not only Instagram worthy, but also makes for a substantial main course on its own with a generous serving of sashimi.

Truffle Satsuma Wagyu Steak Foie Gras

For fans who prefer a good cut of meat, do check out the Satsuma Wagyu Steak with Foie Gras (S$33.80). The wagyu beef is sourced from Mizusako Farm, one of the largest black cattle breeding farms in Japan. The cattle there are fed a special diet of roasted soybeans, which contributes to the tenderness and rich flavours that we tasted as we savored each slice of beef.

The wagyu beef also comes with a side of foie gras and a shooter glass of truffle steak sauce which makes this dish an absolutely delectable meal on its own. You can also get more of the pan-fried foie gras with the Truffle Foie Gras Chawanmushi (S$12.80) that is drizzled with an aromatic truffle oil.

Edamame Cream Puff

Other dishes on the new spring menu include the distinctive White Curry Omurice (S$15.80), Kaisen Blossom Roll ($14.80) and Edamame Cream Puff (S$7.80). We recommend that you try the special white curry that is rarely found and tends towards the sweeter side of the palette. It is also topped with extremely crispy Kagoshima pork belly slices that gives the dish a nice crunch.

While seasons do not change much in Singapore, you can be assured that you will experience a seasonal change in the menu at Sushi Tei the next time you visit. Regardless of your preference for Japanese food and ingredients, you will be able to find comfort in the newly launched menu which contains a joyous medley of flavours and colours.

Sushi Tei

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