Hot! Chi Kinjo: The Modern Sushi Highball Den has Launched a new Fulfilling Lunch Menu!


CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

The newly opened underground speakeasy bar Chi Kinjo has come up with a new lunch menu in order to bring in the lunch crowd for those who are looking for a satisfying lunch with their co-workers. The dishes are meant to give diners a little insight to what the sushi-sake enclave can offer to convince them to come back as regulars for another lunch or dinner session.

The discerning feature about the lunch dishes is that they are meant to satisfy the hunger pangs of customers without leaving them at the mercy of the inevitable food coma that takes over them in the next few hours. To that end, Head Chef Lamley Chua has incorporated various hearty ingredients that will keep diners energized that will encourage them to push on for the rest of the day.

Here are the highlights from their lunch menu:

Ming Dynasty Egg

Diners can start off their meal with the Oniontako ($18), an appetizer that showcases thin slices of fresh octopus that have been well seasoned beforehand while the tamanegi onion-sesame oil dressing helps to give the juicy seafood more flavour and keeps the main star fresh on the palette as it goes down the throat. The Ming Dynasty Egg Tofu ($14) promises a luxurious creamy texture that resembles a dessert. The combination of crab and tofu blends well with the rather heavy taste of the century egg and finishes with a sweet albeit rustic taste due to the century egg.

For those who prefer to be enticed with a snazzy dish for lunch, Chef Lamley has created a new line of breadless sandwiches that invokes the use of sushi rice and seaweed for sushi lovers!

Chi Kinjo_Sushi Sandwich 4

The sandwiches come in four different flavours: Asian Prawn Cocktail, Phoenix Roll, Maguro Mayo and Sake Sunrise. ($8 per pair of sushi sandwich with one dipping sauce, $12 for two pairs of sushi sandwich and two dipping sauces) The sandwiches contain generous portions of seafood and meat in them- which makes them a main course that will be perfect for sharing with co-workers or friends at the table. Despite its simple looks, the sandwiches themselves are rather filling and comes with four different sauces to choose from, which makes this new dish a must order for lunch! (Opt for the garlic miso or yuzu olive for a more exotic taste that enhances the taste of the sandwiches!

Bento Box

For customers who are absolutely famished, Chi Kinjo’s Bento Box set ($18) is there to fulfill every spate of hunger that one might experience. Diners can choose from either the oriental XO Ginger Pork or a classic Hamburg steak to satisfy their yearning for sustenance. The box comes with the main star, alongside portions of ume rice, spinach with caesar dressing, egg roll and tsukemono (Japanese pickles) Personally, I went for the hamburg steak and it did not disappoint, the protein was cooked to perfection till it effortlessly melted in the mouth, the sauce and special dressing on the steak helped enhance its flavour while giving it a mild sour kick to it. The only issue that the bento box had was that the palette might feel a tad dry after the meal is over and could have used a light soup to rehydrate the palette.

For an all-time favourite, Chi Kinjo’s Chirashi Box ($18) is a fan favourite that keeps diners coming back for more. A classic protein bowl, the dish is filled with a range of well seasoned sashimi that goes well with the yuzu sauce on the rice. The fishy taste of the sashimi was hidden beneath the layer of seasoning and rice and a hint of wasabi is present to give a mild heat to the rice bowl. For a creamy finish to the meal, mix in a bit of the chawanmushi on the side for a blissful creamy conclusion that will not disappoint.

Chi Kinjo is located at 29 Stanley Street, Singapore 068738, Open daily, from 5pm to 1am (Last Orders at 10pm)

For reservations, please call: +65 6260 5284 or email:

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