Hot! Chinese New Year 2022: Must Have Goodies & Bites

CONTENT: Michelle Ng / Andrew Kho

Chinese New Year is the peak feasting period, with many gatherings and visits for you to catch up with loved ones over good food. Of course we can’t forget the festive goodies, which tide us over between meals, a whole day of visiting, or even through an especially long mahjong game. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, savoury, or maybe a little bit of both, we have put together our favourite goodies and bites for this year.

Kit Kat Luck Bowl

1. Kit Kat Prosperity Bowl Gift Box

Cele-break with your friends and family by sharing a bar of Kit-Kat! Kit Kat has launched a Prosperity Bowl Gift Box that comes with three designs, that wishes you Wealth, Good Luck, or Happiness. The deep red ceramic bowl with cute cartoon designs of firecrackers and Kit Kat makes for a great centerpiece for your table to store candies for visiting relatives, and can then be used as a regular bowl after – the resourceful auntie in us were very excited to find out that the bowl was microwaveable too. Very small wins, but it also means that the Kit Kat Prosperity Bowl Gift Box would make for a very thoughtful housewarming gift.

Each Kit Kat Prosperity Bowl Gift Box comes with 1 ceramic bowl and 2 packs of Kit Kat, and is available now while stocks last at all major supermarkets and retailers.


2. Magnum Chocolate and Crunchy Cookies

Magnum has just launched its newest flavour just in time for this Chinese New Year, the all-new Magnum Chocolate and Crunchy Cookies, each stick encased in Magnum’s signature classic milk chocolate, while you crack the outer layer to unveil a rich mix of velvety smooth dairy ice cream, paired with mouth-watering cookie flavoured chocolate swirl.

The limited-edition Magnum Chocolate and Crunchy Cookies is now available at all major super/hypermarkets, Pandamart, and single sticks on both Foodpanda and GrabMart in selected territories for a limited time only.


3. Paradise Group x The Golden Duck – Yu Sheng Fish Skin Crisps

Two of Singapore’s greats have partnered together to create their version of Singaporean’s favourite CNY snack for 2022. The Yu Sheng Fish Skin crisps is inspired by none other than the staple dish, and is a delightful mix of sweet, tangy, and nutty with every crispy bite. We’re honestly surprised that it took this long for a Yu Sheng-inspired snack, and we’re just very slightly addicted. The other equally innovative and just as addictive flavour is the Sweet & Sour Fish Skin Crisps that recreates the flavours of the beloved sweet and sour ribs, added with dried pineapple bits for that intense tang of flavour. The crisps make great additions to yu sheng if you’re making your own, as gifts, or simply to snack on.

The Yu Sheng Fish Skin Crisps and Sweet & Sour Fish Skin is available at all Paradise Group restaurants, The Golden Duck official store on Shopee and Lazada, and Fairprice, Cold Storage, Pandamart.


4. Pizza Express Bak Kwa & Pork Floss Pizza

Pizza Express is back with their CNY menu, and this year’s an exciting one with their launch of the Bak Kwa & Pork Floss Pizza. Featuring an amalgation of CNY favourites, the flavourful pizza comes topped with slices of fragrant pork bak kwa, hae bee hiam crackers, pork floss, spring onions, Chinese coriander, and sweet plum sauce. Their famous dough balls have also been given a CNY makeover with Pizza Express’ take on the quintessential pineapple tarts; the Pineapple Dough balls are bite-sized bread balls filled with chunky sweet pineapples cubes that go well with their spiced dough. Great for sharing, the pizzas and dough balls will definitely be a hit and put everyone in a festive mood when you are hosting a gathering.

Pizza Express’ Chinese New Year items are available from now till 28 Feb for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery.


5. Fanntasy – Orange Pineapple Tarts

The latest F&B venture by local actress Fann Wong is full of sweet treats, with carefully curated gifting sets for Chinese New Year. The actress-turned-pastry-baker has put together her favourite snacks with her own personal touch, and fans can celebrate with Fann by feasting on the same treats! The Fanntasy Chinese New Year Gift Set comes with Fann’s ultimate favourite CNY goodie Orange Pineapple Tarts, Brown Butter Almond Nibs, and Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake. The Brown Butter Almond Nibs are a guilty pleasure for Fann, and these even come in adorable little ingots which pair well with a cup of Earl Grey Tea. The Orange Pineapple tarts are sold at 2 for $48, and the Butter Almond Nibs, and Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake are not available for ala carte orders.

The Fanntasy Chinese New Year Gift Set is only available through pre-order online 

6. White Restaurant

With another CNY with limited pax allowed to dine out and gather, White Restaurant has launched a selection of CNY goodies and local dishes so that you can enjoy over the festive season. Endearingly named as ‘Take Me Home’, the collection features ingredients that will excite home cookes to whip up dishes without the burden of spending hours in the kitchen cooking.

Abalone gifting is made more luxurious and exciting with new flavours like White Truffle, Sichuan Mala, Sichuan Green Pepper Mala, and Braised Dried Scallop – which can be eaten as is or added to dishes for an extra flavourful touch. The abalone tins are available for purchase individually or as a set. Other cooked dishes like Premium X.O. Carrot Cake and ready-made broth like Premium Collagens Broth allows you to enjoy delicious dishes from the comfort of your home.

The ‘Take Me Home’ collection will be available at all of White Restaurant outlets, and islandwide delivery from Oddle, Shopee, Lazada and Qoo10.

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