Hot! Chinese New Year 2022: Toss to Good Fortune with these 8 Best Yu Sheng in Singapore

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The time of the year has come – where we gather with our loved ones and start tossing to good fortune, good health and wealth, abundance, and auspicious times ahead! Whether it’s with friends, family or our colleagues, the act of tossing yusheng aims for prosperous beginnings to the Lunar New Year ahead.

Here, we’ve rounded up eight tiger-rific yusheng platters for tossing to, and sharing at your reunion meals.

Hua Ting CNY Tigerrific Yu Sheng

1. Hua Ting, Orchard Hotel

This Lunar New Year, award-winning Cantonese restaurant Hua Ting’s Master Chef Lap Fai has specially created the luxurious Tiger Yu Sheng (S$888, order 3 days in advance), with curated ingredients including 6-Head South African Abalone, Fresh Toro and Premium Tiger Prawns, and crafted in the image of a tiger to symbolise both strength and prosperity for abundance as loved ones gather this New Year.

Another special creation by Master Chef Lap Fai is the Fish Yu Sheng (S$288, order 1 day in advance) that comes with Premium Whole Abalone, shaped in a fish to symbolise abundance and prosperity throughout the new year to come.

Pink Fish

2. Pink Fish

One of the quintessential experts on everything salmon, Pink Fish has created their own version of a yusheng, with their Pink Fish Abundance Lo Hei (S$29.80) that incorporates their signature Norwegian Salmon with Golden Salted Fish Skin, Edamame and Dried Mango for a modern take on the traditional dish.

For customers who prefer to enjoy their yusheng in the comfort of their home or in smaller portions, the Mini Abundance Lohei (Small S$11.90 Med S$15.90 Large S$19.90) is also available!

Neo Garden

3. Neo Garden

This 2022, Neo Garden, Singapore’s No.1 and award-winning caterer, is celebrating its 30th anniversary – and this New Year, they’re offering there will be more than fifteen different yusheng platters, starting from an affordable S$38.80.

The adorable Golden Tiger Yu Sheng (S$168+/set), is a delight on both the eyes and the stomach, with its vibrant variety of carrots and radish shaped to form a smiling 16-inch tiger. There is also the Opulence Teochew Yu Sheng (S$98+/set) that comes with nutritious tang-oh and zesty starfruit, along with slices of salmon.

For a non-traditional twist, there’s also the Reunion Nonya Yu Sheng (S$88+/set) that comes with yam, apricot, cranberry, pomelo, purple cabbage and cucumber; as well as the refreshing and healthy Rainbow Fruits Yu Sheng (S$88+/set) filled with fresh fruits like longan, strawberry, mandarin orange, pineapple, green apple, cranberry, dried apricot, turnip and purple cabbage.

Orders to be placed seven days in advance via website

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4. Din Tai Fung

A household name amongst most Singaporeans, Din Tai Fung is ushering in the Lunar New Year with its timeless classic – the Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yusheng (S$48.80)! Comprising of traditional yusheng ingredients and served with Norwegian Smoked Salmon along with a drizzle of Din Tai Fung’s in-house signature auspicious plum dressing that comes along with the optional add-ons of Salmon Skin (S$4.80 per serving), additional Sliced Smoked Salmon (6pcs, S$9.80 per serving) and Crispy Yam Strips (S$3.80 per serving). For those who dislike the raw taste of salmon or are vegetarians, the Prosperity Vegetarian Yu Sheng (S$39.80) serves up the same prosperity and includes vegetarians to join in on the lo hei!

Additionally, all OCBC Card members enjoy 10% off any purchase of Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng, along with limited edition Din Tai Fung Red Packets that are complementary with a minimum spending of S$68, while stocks last!

Fullertion Premium Yu Sheng

5. Jade Restaurant, Fullerton Hotel

Toss to a prosperous year ahead with the luxurious Gold Rush Salmon Yu Sheng (from S$78, 2 to 4 persons; S$118, 5 to 7 persons; S$138, 8 to 10 persons) at Jade Restaurant, Fullerton Hotel. Carefully crafted into the shape of a tiger, this premium yusheng platter features champagne jelly, shallot oil and a refreshing kumquat dressing, alongside a hand-drawn tiger and an auspicious Chinese calligraphy greeting.

Executive Chef of Jade Restaurant Leong Chee Yeng says, “A symbol of strength, the majestic tiger embodies power, vigour and vitality. These qualities reveal themselves in this year’s specialties, with nourishing dishes for families to start the year on a strong note. Designed to serve smaller groups, the new creations are intended for warm reunions with one’s closest kin.”

The Gold Rush Salmon Yu Sheng is available for delivery and takeaway, from 17 January to 15 February 2022, via the Fullerton Hotel website 

Man Fu Yuan Lunar New Year 2022 - 60 Inch Garden of Abundance Dine-In Yusheng

6.. Man Fu Yuan, Intercontinental Singapore

Looking to impress? Whether it’s for family, friends or a corporate reunion, toss to good fortune and auspicious beginnings ahead with the new Garden of Abundance Yu Sheng (S$588) at Man Fu Yuan, Intercontinental Singapore. A luxurious, 60-inch platter, this yusheng is replete with premium ingredients such as baby abalone, lobster, sea urchin, scallops, salmon, crisp fish skin and a citrusy pomegranate sauce. Moreover, it’s shaped in the Chinese idiom ‘五谷丰收’, to symbolise the abundant harvest of food crops, for a prosperous year ahead.

Other yusheng platters inspired by the Year of the Tiger include the Tiger Vegetable Abundance Yu Sheng (from $88) topped with pork floss, salmon, crispy fish skin, pomegranate sauce and shallot oil, as well as the Propsperity Yu Sheng (from S$98) that comes with Hokkaido scallops, ikura, salmon, crispy fish skin, pomegranate sauce and shallot oil.

For enquiries and orders, please email, or visit Website 


7. Artemis Grill

For non-traditionalists, celebrate the Year of the Tiger at Artemis Grill, a dining concept on the 40th floor of the CapitaGreen building that offers a gorgeous sky-high view of the cityscape, and two different Chinese New Year Lo Hei experiences: Standard and Premium, available 18th January – 11th February, for lunch and dinner.

Each Artemis Lo Hei set (from S$68++, serves 3-4) includes Cured Salmon & Ikura Caviar, along with pickled wakame, red cabbage, carrot, sesame, peanut, daikon radish and tapioca crackers, topped with gold leaf. For a little more luxury, go for the Premium Set (S$138++, serves 4-5) that comes with Hamachi & Boston Lobster.

Each Artemis Lo Hei set must be pre-ordered with 24-hour notice. For more information and/or reservations, please call +65 6635 8677 or email

Raffles Hotel Singapore

8. 藝 yì by Jereme Leung, Raffles Hotel

Toss to abundance, health and good fortune with an exquisite selection of yusheng delights from 藝 yì by Jereme Leung at Raffles Hotel. Available for both dine-in and takeaway, each yusheng platter consists of an auspicious selection of ingredients carefully crafted and finished off with a special Yunnan rose dressing made by Master Chef Jereme Leung.

Takeaway orders come in a gorgeous multi-tiered red box that is both convenient to carry and doubles up as a beautiful storage box.

Go for the Longevity Yu Sheng (S$198++), featuring fresh briny arctic shellfish and Japanese sweet shrimps, or the Prosperity Yu Sheng (S$208++), topped with tuna sashimi, Spanish Ibérico ham and honey melon. There’s also the vegetarian option of Vegetarian Yu Sheng (S$168++) and comes with crispy cordyceps flowers and fresh mangoes.

Each Yu Sheng platter serves 8-10 guests. Takeaway orders require minimum 2 days of advance notice; takeaway prices exclude service charge. Collection and delivery available from 17 January – 15 February 2022. Order Online 

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