Hot! DFS Celebrates Success of Seventh World-Class Masters of Wines and Spirits in Singapore

rederik Vanden Bulcke, Andrew Webster, Ariel Gentzbourger, Jay Frame, Brooke Supernaw, Sibylle Scherer, Tim DeLessio

DFS Group (DFS), the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, successfullyhosted its seventh annual Masters of Wines and Spirits event last Saturday March 24 and Sunday March 25 at The Warehouse Hotel on the banks of the Singapore River.

The highly anticipated event, held in partnership with Changi Airport Group, was staged for the first time over two days, bringing together almost 800 local and international guests who explored a variety of unique tasting experiences from the world of whiskies, wines and Cognacs. The historic atmosphere of the meticulously renovated venue, a former trading warehouse, was a perfect backdrop for the event, with each of the hotel’s rooms playing a part in the theme – “Bespoke. Speak Easy. Secret Society.”

Guests were given the opportunity to meet leading spirit brand ambassadors through a unique and interactive panel, hosted by DFS Group’s Director of Spirits Frederik Vanden Bulcke and featuring experts from John Dewar & Sons, Bunnahabhain, Bruichladdich and The Kyoto Distillery. Two “Classes with the Masters” were also hosted by The Balvenie Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE, and Rufus Beazley from Chateau Latour Asia Pacific.

The Whiskey Panel Master Class

In another first for DFS, this year will see the Masters of Wines and Spirits collection transported beyond Singapore for the enjoyment of customers in Hong Kong and Macau.

“Each year, our talented merchants at DFS bring together the world’s most sought-after wines and spirits and their brand ambassadors, in an event dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of the finest products. As with past events, the Masters collection will be available for purchase first at Changi International Airport. This year, we are also very excited to bring this incredible collection to our customers in Hong Kong and Macau later in 2018, with some fabulous events and activations that are sure to surprise and delight,” said Brooke Supernaw, DFS Group’s Senior Vice President Wines, Spirits, Tobacco, Food and Gifts.


LXIII_ LXIII XT.T Trunks (1)

Along with leading whiskies, wines and Cognacs, including the Louis XIII Le Jeroboam with T.T. Trunks Paris, the Jean-Paul Camus 1945 Private Reserve, the Harlan Estate Double Magnum 100 Point Trifecta and the Pavillon Blanc du Chateau Margaux 2010 Double Magnum, an extended collection of 54 premium products available in the Masters series includes the Octomore 8.2 by Bruichladdich, the DFS exclusive Rare Cask Reserve Araid 18 Years Old 0.7L by William Grant & Sons, the Cask-aged Kyoto Dry Gin 2nd Edition by Ki Noh Bi, the Carigellachie 24yo Small Batch Exceptional Cask by Craigellachie, the Dalmore Luceo, the DFS exclusive Highland Park Single Cask Series 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky and the Single Cask #1476 Mizunara Heads by Malt Chichibu.

The Octomore 8.2, meaning “The big eight” in Scots Gaelic, by Bruichladdich, is an enigmatic spirit and a cult classic amongst whisky aficionados. Its release was a landmark moment for head distiller Adam Hannett.

The DFS exclusive Rare Cask Reserve Àraid 18 Years Old 0.7L by William Grant & Sons, meaning “unique” in Scots Gaelic, is an exclusive bottling of a blended scotch from the distillery’s Rare Cask Reserves collection. The blend comprises malt and grain from whiskys accumulated by the Grant family over the past 50 years and have been expertly brought together by Master Blender Brian Kinsman.

Guests exploring the wines exhibited at Po Restaurant, The Warehouse Hotel

The Cask-aged Kyoto Dry Gin 2nd Edition by Ki Noh Bi is the first of its kind; a Japanese gin created, blended and bottled at Ki Noh Bi’s dedicated artisanal distillery in Kyoto using local ingredients and inspired by the history and culture of the ancient Japanese city. This DFS exclusive limited edition of Ki Noh Bi gin is aged in casks that previously held Japanese Single Malt whisky and labeled using mask images from the Kamiasobi Noh Troupe

The Craigellachie 24yo Small Batch Exceptional Cask by Craigellachie is a part of the John Dewar & Sons Fine Scotch Whisky Emporium and showcases the rare release of some of the finest and most delectable single cask and single malt expressions. Handpicked by Dewar’s Master Blender and Malt Master Stephanie MacLeod, the Exceptional Cask series features a collection of extraordinary single cask bottlings, double-cask and small batch releases. Selected for their finesse and remarkable qualities, the Craigellachie 24Year Old limited release is one of a kind, providing the opportunity to try something truly unique

The Dalmore Luceo is part of a selection of releases finished in different types of Sherry casks. The Luceo was finished in “first fill” Apostoles Sherry casks, resulting in decadent waves of sweetness.

The DFS exclusive Highland Park Single Cask Series 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky comes from one of the most remote Scotch whisky distilleries in the world. For more than 217 years, the distillery has combined old tradition with the very best craftsmanship to achieve perfection. Products from Highland Park use only top layer peat, that helps contribute to its honey-infused flavor.

Highland Park

The Single Cask #1476 Mizunara Heads by Malt Chichibu has a strong, earthy aroma, yet maintains a sweet fragrance similar to rich brown sugar. This exceptional malt trails off in a long, profound finish with hints of prune and dried fig.

The 2018 Masters of Wines and Spirits Collection will be available for purchase at Singapore’s Changi Airport from March 25, and later in the year at T Galleria by DFS in Hong Kong and Macau

DFS Masters of Wines and Spirits is part of the DFS Masters Series, a signature program of exhibitions that also includes the highly anticipated Tenth Masters of Time set to take place in Macau this December. The Masters Series is a showcase of the pinnacle of DFS’ leadership and innovation in curating and creating exceptional experiences across its five pillars of luxury: Wines and Spirits, Beauty and Fragrances, Watches and Jewelry, Fashion and Accessories, and Food and Gifts.

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