Hot! Enjoy a Taste of Authentic Malaysian Cuisine at Crown Prince Kitchenette

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CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Craving for a taste of Malaysian tze char food but you don’t want to face the inevitable long waiting time at the Causeway? Fret not, as Crown Prince Kitchenette is offering a wide range of Malaysian dishes without having to cross the border. Take heart in knowing that the establishment’s culinary team all come from Malaysia so all of their dishes are 100% authentic!

Dive into some of the signature dishes that include the Signature Crispy “Chao Ta” Beehoon (S$10.80), a timeless classic that is filled with wok hei flavour and goes well with a side serving of chilli that adds a bit of spicy tang along with the variety of seafood embedded in the beehoon!

The Signature Braised Pork Belly in Yellow Wine Gravy (S$16.80) is a treat to behold- with a perfect balance of lean meat and fat that simply melts away in your mouth with a side of xiao bai cai with a generous amount of sauce, this is a must order dish to be enjoyed with a bowl of steamed rice!

Three Delicacies in Garlic &Ginger Broth

One of the restaurant’s best signature dishes is the Three Delicacies in Garlic and Ginger Broth (S$98), filled with a freshly caught patin fish and a generous amount of clams and prawns that can feed a group or family of four to six guests! The strong broth makes its way through every inch of the succulent seafood, permeating them with the warm herbal broth while a hot stove ensures that the dish stays hot throughout the duration of the meal. The only thing that the dish is missing is probably a healthy amount of coriander for an extra herbal bump of flavour!

Golden Prawns with Popcorn

Seafood lovers can delve into some of the establishment’s new seafood fishes, including the Golden Prawns with Popcorn (S$16.80) that involvescrispy whole prawns deep-fried till they turn golden brown an then coated with a butter sauce while being topped off with popcorn for a crunchy texture and a sweet and savoury dish like no other!

The Steamed Patin Fish in Special Nyonya Sauce (S$58) involves a whole patin fish steamed wto retain its natural sweetness before being drizzled with a four-dimensional sweet, sour, spicy and savoury sauce. Simple yet complex at the same time, the dish is a must order to celebrate special occasions with friends or family!

Yam Paste with Pumpkin Sauce & Mango Sago

For dessert, opt for a classic Mango Sago (S$5) or the Yam Paste with Pumpkin Sauce (S$5) that switches out the conventional coconut cream with a fragrant pumpkin sauce for a lighter and healthier version of this oriental dessert.

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