Hot! Enjoy Authentic Japanese Food alongside a Riverside View at Ikigai Izakaya!


CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Sporting a wide array of Japanese mainstays with a diverse range of sake and liquor imported straight from Japan, Ikigai has launched its new “Reason for Being“ menu along with sparkling sake- the Champagne of Japan! While sparkling sake is already available in Singapore, the owner of Ikigai (insert name) wants it to make a name for itself in the cosmopolitan city’s
culinary scene and thus has created special yakitori platters to pair with the unique liquor!

First introduced in Japan in the 1980s by the president of IchinoKura Sake Brewery, Kazuo Suzuki, Sparkling sake contains the taste profile of traditional sake but coupled with the mild bubbly essence of champagne- minus the intensely sweet aftertaste. Regardless if diners are fans of sake or champagne, Ikagi’s best-selling Shichiken Yama-No-Kasumu Cloudy Sparkling Sake (S$108-1 bottle S$288- 3 bottles S$528-6 bottles) is a refreshing tipple with a fruity aroma along with a silky clean-cut taste texture that goes well with meat dishes and even sushi- making it a definite must order on the menu! The Keigetsu Junmai Daiginjo Sparkling “John” sake also deserves it’s own mention as it’s delicate bubbly zest along with its highly polished brut quality makes the bottle a must order for special occasions or celebrations! Lastly, the Janpan Sparkling Sake is a refreshing sweet sake that is best served chilled that goes well with seafood such as salmon, tuna or yellow-tail carpaccio.


Ikigai has also curated two different yakitori platters that go especially well with the range of sparkling sake. The Mixed Kushiyaki Platter and Mixed Kushiyaki and Agemono Platter (S$46.80) contains a wide array of grilled and deep-fried skewers to let diners enjoy a diverse range of flavors to pair with the sparking sakes!

Other noteworthy dishes that diners can order is the Truffle Chawanmushi (S$6), the Aburi Sake Mentai Roll (S$18) and Spicy Maguro Roll (S$18) that works as an enticing appetizer or to share with fellow guests at the dining table over drinks! For diners who are looking at a hearty meal to silence their hunger pangs, the Truffle Udon (S$20) or wide selection of sashimi will definitely satisfy any cravings for quality Japanese food!

Ikigai Izakaya The Riverwalk
20 Upper Circular Road, The Riverwalk #B1-01/06, Singapore 058416

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