Hot! Exciting New Menus & Launches to try this April

While it seems like the entire Singapore is overseas in Japan or Korea, there is still plenty to celebrate with the arrival of spring menus. We picked out some of the exciting seasonal menus and new launches in April to keep an eye out for, with Japanese favourites, fruity flavours, and delightful high teas to try!

CONTENT: Michelle Ng/Andrew Kho


1.InterContinental Singapore Whimsical Afternoon Tea

Intercontinental Singapore has launched its newest afternoon tea set which promises to enchant every diners. Available for a limited time from now till 30 June 2023, enjoy the new Whimsical Afternoon Tea at Intercontinental Singapore’s The Lobby Lounge which is decorated with wonderland themed decors.

The 3 tiers of dainty eccentric sweet and savoury delights are each presented in imaginative and colourful flavours which will definitely bring a unique whimsical experience. Enjoy delectable desserts curated by the hotels culinary team with creations such as the coffee-flavoured almond Joconde sponge, topped with delicate pieces of chocolate checkerboard Chess Checkers, blushing red heart-shaped pastry Ace of Heart with flavours of citrus, coconut and mango-passionfruit , The Clock, a calamansi lime and salted sour plum macaron and more. Savouries include the Baked Chilli Jumbo Lump Crab served in crab shell; Duck Foie Gras Parfait topped with fresh strawberries; Beef Pastrami Rainbow Sandwich; Organic Pecan Scones and more.

The Whimsical afternoon tea are complemented with two beverages of fine loose-leaf tea or coffee, along with unlimited ice cream. Diners may also opt for the top-up options to enjoy the culinary treats with a flute of Taittinger Brut Champagne, Copenhagen Sparkling Tea (alcoholic and non- alcoholic) or Heritage TWG-Infused Cocktail.

Intercontinental Singapore Whimsical Afternoon Tea is available from now till 30 June 2023 priced at S$52++ per person, inclusive of a serving of coffee or loose-leaf tea, and free flow of ice cream on weekdays and S$58++ per person, inclusive of a serving of coffee or loose- leaf tea, and free flow of ice cream on weekends

For reservations and enquiries, please call +65 6825 1008, email or book online 

YNG x Lennardy Mood Grill-C

2.Yakiniku-GO Collaboration Series: Lennard Yeong X Tetsuya Yoshida

Social media sensation Lennard Yeong has partnered with Yakiniku-Go for an exciting limited edition set menu that will ignite your cravings for meat. The Beef Bomb and Pork Bomb sets are slices of karubi beef and Duroc pork belly wrapped around a core of marinated soy garlic for an extra burst of umami. Meat lovers will prefer the Double Dragon set, with a choice of thick sliced beef short plate or Duroc pork belly in a diamond cut, elegantly wrapped around sliced zucchinis. Grill the zucchinis till slightly charred for a juicy, wok-hei crunch.

Order the meats ala carte, or as a set with the choice of maze gohan mixed with wagyu tallow or shio konbu rice, kimchi, and miso soup. For dipping sauces, the goma tare is a creamy sesame sauce that brings out a thicker flavour, while the yuzu koshu ponzu sauce is a refreshing citrus kick for a cleaner taste. We recommend mixing both sauces together for an ultra burst of flavour that goes with hand-in-hand with the marinated meats.

The Yakiniku-GO x Lennard Yeong set menu is available at all out outlets islandwide from 13 April to 31 July 2023

Tendon Kohaku

3.Kohaku Tendon – Sakura Ebi Seasonal Set Menu

You can still take a gastronomical journey to Japan even if you’re not there physically! The famed Sakura ebi takes the spotlight in Kohaku Tendon’s spring seasonal menu, with the delicacy that is only found in Suruga Bay in Japan, and Taiwan. The Sakura ebi is prepared in two ways – soft-boiled and fried mixed with furikake. The soft boiled ebi was sweet and juicy to the bite, while the fried version was more savoury. Mix together with the Tokyo Curry Udon or the rice bowl Haru Sakura-Ebi Tendon, which results in a lovely and ssatisfying medley of texture and flavours! The sets also comes with fried tempura like baby corn, tiger ebi, another Sakura ebi patty, Hotaru-ika firefly squid, and a flowy onsen egg.

The Sakura Ebi Seasonal Set Menu is available at all Tendon Kohaku outlets islandwide from 17 April – 17 July 2023

Stonepot Chicken Soup

4.Yun Nans – Stonepot Chicken Broth

Yun Nans Stonepot Fish has launched its newest addition to their popular Stonepot Fish menu.

Enjoy the new rich and creamy Stonepot Chicken Soup with Pig’s Stomach which uses the premium Kabir chicken which are reared exclusively for the restaurant for no more than 120 days to reach the optimum weight of 1.4kg-1.5kg, retaining the natural sweetness and flavour of original free-range chicken. The meat is also more tender and has lesser fat content compared to regular chicken.

The soup base is made with simmering cured ham, pork bones, old hen, chicken feet, and duck for over six hours, added with Hainan white peppercorn to bring out its full-bodied richness. Every sip is a revelation, and the perfect complement to the tender chicken meat.

Enjoy this new dish along with the restaurant’s other new side dishes such as Deep-fried Crispy Shrimp Heads, YUN NANS Signature Fried Rice, Stir-Fried Wild Porcini Mushrooms with Dried Chillies, Stir-Fried Pork Collar with Scallions and Stir-Fried Chayote Leaves with Soy Bean Sauce, wash it all down with Freshly Pressed Tangerine Juice freshly pressed using half a kilogram of tangerines imported from Yunnan.

Somersby P&O 2

5.Somersby Passionfruit & Orange Cider

Frolic in the Somersby Wonder Garden as they welcome their newest cider flavour – a refreshing fruity pairing of passionfruit and orange! Drop by the Somersby popup just outside Plaza Singapura for ice-cold Somersby slushies, and join the games to win exclusive Somersby x Oak & Bindi merchandise. While you’re there, sample their other flavours like Watermelon, Pear and Apple. Snap some prints at the Somersby Swing, and you might just be one of the five lucky attendees who win a year’s worth of Somersby cider. Register here to redeem your complimentary slushie!

Somersby Wonderful Garden popup is open from 14 – 24 April 2023 outside Plaza Singapura, 12 – 8pm daily. The Somersby Passionfruit & Orange cider is available online, at supermarkets, and all authorized retailers.

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