Experience Euphoria, Wonder, And Chill On The Magnum Pleasure Express


CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Magnum’s latest Pleasure Express range comes to life with yet another fun ice cream range, with a Pleasure Seeking personality test and AI-powered experience to indulge in.

The exciting three new flavours are inspired by three moods: Euphoria, Wonder and Chill. The Magnum Euphoria Pink Lemonade is fun and playful, with bright bursts of tangy lemon ice cream around a raspberry sorbet core, and encased in white chocolate laced with delicious popping candy that sets off fireworks in your mouth with every bite.

The Wonder Golden Toffee makes you feel warm and comfy with a rich date-and-toffee ice cream covered with caramel cracking chocolate – a classic flavour pairings but with a twist!

The Magnum Chill Blueberry Cookie is a little different, and is a perfect snack to chill with especially when it’s super humid at night. The vanilla and biscuit vegan ice cream has a hidden blueberry sorbet core, and wrapped in a deep dark chocolate.

Pleasure Express

And to celebrate their new range, Magnum has launched the Pleasure Express: Beyond Worlds train, an express train that will take you to other dimensions depending on your current desires. Stationed at the ION Art Gallery from 26 April to 5 May 2024, your journey begins with a personality test that will tell you if you’re in a Euphoria, Wonder or Chill mood. Then board the train, where you will step into an immersive world of vibrant colors and trippy visuals.

The AI-powered artwork creations are unique, and based on the answers of your personality test, so your experience will be very different to everyone else on the train! Designed and created by AI artist Zixuan Nian, the artwork can also be downloaded and saved for you to relive anytime you’re seeking pleasure. While you’re there, grab a Magnum postcard and cute stamps to document your worldly experience!

The Magnum Pleasure Express: Beyond Worlds will be stationed at the ION Art Gallery from 26 April to 5 May, from 10am-10pm daily.