Hot! For the First Time Ever, Popular Japanese Favourites from Shizuoka Prefecture Debuts in Singapore

Fujisan Sabre

CONTENT: Andrew Kho

Shizuoka Prefecture collaborated with Singapore Home Cooks to bring in specialities made with natural resources found in Fuji and Izu Peninsula featuring an array of sake, snacks, sweets, green tea and wine.

While we cannot visit the iconic mountain of Fuji in Japan and get out favourite specialties ourselves, many popular Shizuoka products were made available for sale to public via the Singapore Home Cooks Facebook group live show last 1 November 2021.

Junmai Ginjo Fujisan Gold Box

The pure and smooth water from its Mt. Fuji’s melting snow is used for Shizuoka’s fresh prefectural products as well as sake, Junmai Ginjo Fujisan Gold Box by the 278-year-old Makino Brewery Sake. One kilometre upstream from the brewery, the soft water from Mount Fuji is filtered through bedrock and used as brewing water to produce a gentle sake with a hint of sweetness. The sake has won a gold medal at the National Sake Competition. Best served chilled, the fruity and refreshing beverage pairs well with Chinese food.

Other products that went on sale were the Izu Wine Brewery’s New Summer Orange Liquor, made with 100% new summer oranges from the Izu Peninsula which has a 10 to 11% alcohol content and can be enjoyed with soda water. The buttery, light and crispy Fujisan Shortbread made with fresh eggs laid by hens reared at the foot of Mount Fuji. Each shortbread is in the shape of Mount Fuji. This is a highly popular souvenir that is featured in many guidebooks!

Shinmarusho’s Bonito & Wasabi Flavoured Potato Chips with Dried Bonito Shavings

Our favourite is Shinmarusho’s Bonito & Wasabi Flavoured Potato Chips with Dried Bonito Shavings produced in collaboration with Tamaruya Honten, a renowned wasabi shop in Shizuoka prefecture. Eat the chips as they are and relish the hint of wasabi, then add bonito flakes to up the indulgence.

Last but not the least is Kisakuen’s Fuji First-Flush Matcha Shaker Set. The matcha is ground in a stone mortar to produce a rich colour and aroma. This high-grade tea can be used for omote-making as well. The set comes with a shaker, so you can easily make your matcha shakes at home too!

If you missed the sale, follow Shizuoka Prefecture’s Facebook and Instagram for their next sale date.

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