Ganko Sushi Fires Up The Charcoal Grills with New Robatayaki Menu

Ganko Robatayaki Group

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Ganko Sushi hits all the right spots with their affordable pricing, premium ingredients, and quality dishes. While it’s not exactly the cheapest Japanese place in the city, their focus on quality makes Ganko a top choice to indulge in sashimi and seafood. Even on a weekday afternoon, the restaurant was packed.

Led by a new head chef Koichi Matsuda who has experience in various Michelin-starred restauratns, the latest Robatayaki menu will feature seasonal seafood and vegetables that change on rotation. Robatayaki is a Japanese cooking method of fireside-cooking, with seafood, vegetables, and sometimes even sake grilled directly above charcoal.

 Wagyu Beef on Hot Stone

The seafood offerings take center stage, with Tiger Prawns (S$15), Big Clams (S$20), Capelin Smelt (S$15), and Big Clams (S$20). Big scallops (S$30) flown in directly from Hokkaido lets you taste the umami of the seas with the juicy, chunky flesh. Wagyu Beef On Hot Stone will satisfy any meat cravings, and to cater to the adventurous; the Beef Tongue (S$25) is thickly sliced, and full of robust flavour.

 Big Clam

Also on the menu are grilled vegetables, which comes to life with smoky flavours. The Hokkaido Corn (S$15) is slightly charred, but extra juicy and sweet, while the Potatoes with Butter (S$5) look humble but is so creamy and buttery soft to the bite. The Shiitake Mushrooms (S$5) sourced from Gifu are marinated in sauce and grilled for that extra burst of wok hei.

The best part? The Robatayaki dishes are not grilled at your table, so there’s no smoke clinging to you when you leave so you can still head back to the office after a satisfying grilled lunch.

Ganko Sushi Singapore is located at 9 Penang Road, UBS Building #01-01, Singapore 238459. Open every day from 11:30am – 2:30pm and 6pm – 10pm.

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