Genki Sushi and Calbee Launches Exclusive Sushi and Chips Seasonal Menu

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Hopping aboard the TikTok trend of adding chips in your sushi recipe, Genki Sushi is collaborating with snack brand Calbee for a crispy menu filled with plenty of crunch and fun. The limited edition menu is exclusive to Singapore, and will only be available until 20 November 2022.

Genki’s well-loved makis are given a crunchy makeover, and you have three crispy options to pick from – Crispy Lobster Salad Maki, Crispy Ebi Fry Maki, and Crispy Teriyaki Chicken Maki. The maki sushi is covered in a layer of Hot & Spicy Calbee chips, adding a spicy and flavourful kick with every mouthful. The Crispy Ebi Fry Maki is a double punch of crunch, with the ebi covered in a layer of breadcrumbs and then a second layer of spicy chips. We were also picking up the leftover bits of hot & spicy chips as they were just that addicting.

Takoyaki Jagabee Crunch ($5.50)

The menu also includes sides that features Calbee’s other popular product, the Jagabee potato chips! The Fully Loaded Jagabee range includes the Takoyaki Jagabee Crunch and the Tori Nanban Jagabee Crunch that comes with the Jagabee potatos sticks on the side. Our favourite was the Mentai Ebi Jagabee Crunch, which pairs honey butter Jagabee chips covered in umami Mentaiko sauce and fish roe – a delicious reinterpretation of the classic Mentaiko fries.

Hokkaido Milk Vanilla Soft Cream Jagabee ($5.90)

It is only fitting that you end your meal with a sweet and savoury treat. The Soft Cream Jagabee pays tribute to the fries and ice cream pairing, with Genki’s soft serve ice cream served on top of even more Jagabee fries. You can’t really go wrong with Genki’s creamy Hokkaido Milk Vanilla soft serve and lightly salted fries, which is definitely a different experience compared to the OG McDonalds ice cream and fries. For the more adventurous, the Matcha soft serve paired with the Jagabee chips is creamy, bittersweet yet savoury dessert. And if you’re still hungry, you can pick up more Calbee chips on the way home!

While you’re enjoying their new creations, show off your meal on Instagram with the adorable Genki Sushi x Calbee filters and stickers! Just visit Genki Sushi on Instagram (@genkisushisg) to access the frame.

The Genki Sushi x Calbee is available at all Genki Sushi outlets island-wide from today till 20 November 2022.

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