Hot! HEYTEA Opens Third Store in Singapore!


HEYTEA opened last weekend its third store in Singapore at Westgate. The store design features a “traditional Chinese handscroll” theme to add more “Zen” to the space.

The Store design has been the epitome of how HEYTEA demonstrates “inspiration”. With the conceptual idea of minimalism, HEYTEA creates a multi-dimensional space at Westgate, hoping to provide customers with an immersive store experiences to enhance inspiration and creativity.


Along the history, Chinese handscroll has been used for both calligraphy and paintings, and throughout time, it became the standard format for paintings. Capturing the features of Chinese handscroll, the handscroll-liked furniture was adopted in-store to harmonizes the notion of Zen. Tea, the aromatic delight which fosters inspiration, has been an essential part of Chinese culture for thousands of years. HEYTEA hopes to bring forth new life to tea culture and further elevate special aesthetics in a traditional style.

In addition to the Westgate store opening, HEYTEA introduces two brand new delightful items made with Oreo cookies and inspirations, Oreo Boboshake and Oreo Sundae both would be launched in end of Sept.

HEYTEA also introduces an ingenious version of Very Grape Cheezo – Tipsy Grape Beer. The swirl of malty beer and crispy tea creates a new refreshing sensation alongside every sip. It is currently available in both Clarke Quay and ION stores, will be available in Westgate store soon.

Hey Tea Westgate outlet is located at: 3 Gateway Drive #01-25 Westgate Singapore 608532

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