Impossible Chicken Nuggets is Now Available In Singapore

Impossible Foods

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Impossible Foods has a growing range of different products as one of the plant-based food pioneers, and the fan-favourite Chicken Nuggets are the next to arrive in Singapore.

Chicken nuggets are a staple food in kids and adults alike, and the key lies in its delicious taste and the short preparation time. While the Impossible Chicken Nuggets aren’t new, they were previously only available in the US. It’s about time they arrived!

The Impossible Chicken Nuggets are much healthier and tastier compared to animal chicken nuggets, with a blind taste test resulting in nearly 3-in-1 people picking Impossible over a leading animal chicken nuggets served in restaurants.

As with the whole Impossible Foods range, good taste is not compromised for health as the Impossible Chicken Nuggets contain 8-12 grams of protein in each serving, with no cholesterol, and 50-60% less saturated fat. The nuggets are made largely from soy protein, and produced in Australia to reduce their environmental impact.

Impossible Chicken Nuggets

It goes without saying that Impossible Chicken Nuggets are more sustainable as they are made from plant-based ingredients, but even if sustainability isn’t high on your priority list, eating plants for a better diet and health overall should be convincing enough for you to start reaching for them instead of ordering from fastfood!

While you can enjoy the Impossible Chicken Nuggets on the menu at selected restaurants across the islandwide, the frozen nuggets can also be purchased ala carte at supermarkets so that you can keep them to satiate any supper cravings. Just pop them into the air fryer for a couple minutes, and you’ll be ready to go!

Impossible Chicken Nuggets is available at selected restaurants including Enchanted Café and Peacock North Indian Restaurant, at NTUC FairPrice and Giant outlets islandwide, and online at RedMart.

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