Hot! Indulge In the Best Christmas Log Cakes for this 2021

Goodwood Park Hotel

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Christmas is just around the corner and as with every Christmas feasts, there will always be the usual staples such as Turkey, Stuffing’s, Yorkshire Puddings and more.

For a sweet ending, the Number One favourite will always be the log cakes! Every year, various establishments have upped their recipe to offer a refreshed flavours to each and every fammilies.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas Log Cakes for you to enjoy for your upcoming Christmas feasts.

Mandarin Oriental Singapore

1. Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

Decked in bright, festive colour, the Cherry and Earl Grey Chocolate Yule Log features a perfect flavour combination of cherry and tea-infused chocolate for your family to enjoy at home. Available from The online shop at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore. Order here 

Resorts World Sentosa

2. Resorts World Sentosa

Add an alluring pop of red to the dining table with Resort World Sentosa’s Ruby Chocolate Yule Log with Raspberry. Inspired by red baubles on a Christmas tree, this ruby red cake is made using Ruby cocoa beans for a fresh berry fruitiness and luscious smoothness, as well as delectable raspberry ganache mousseline cream, crunchy almond coated with rose berry sponge and raspberry confit. Order here 

Sheraton Towers Singapore

3. Sheraton Towers Singapore

Bring joy to the table and merriment to any gathering with Sheraton Towers Singapore’s new Opalys Mont Blanc log cake, this cake is made using Chestnut Sponge / Ivory Chocolate Mousse / Candied Chestnut. Order here 

Hilton Singapore

4. Hilton Singapore

Hilton Singapore’s D9 Cakery presents a traditional selection of yule logs perfect for hosting home parties and gifting treats for loved ones. Spotlighting some of the must-try toothsome treats this festive season: include its artisanal yule logs Smoked Caramel Chocolate; dark chocolate sponge with Valrhona 50% dark Oriado chocolate ganache infused with Applewood smoked caramel, and Hilton Cheesecake Yule Log; 100% Philadelphia Cream Cheese with Shortcrust. Order here 

Goodwood Park Hotel

5. Goodwood Park Hotel
Goodwood Park Hotel’s new 2021 Christmas collection is set to impress all revellers with their new White Enchantment Log Cake featuring two layers of pistachio sponge nestle a delectable pear mousse studded with pieces of poached pear, then enveloped in a tangy yuzu cream set atop a sablé breton base. The log cake is flanked by long white chocolate shards and is embellished with glittering white chocolate baubles and stars.

The hotel will donate 10% from the sales of Christmas log cakes to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund Order here 

Pan Pacific Singapore

6. Pan Pacific Singapore

Usher in the Yuletide cheer with Pan Pacific Singapore’s gourmet festive takeaways featuring the Strawberry Lemon Cake featuring bright hue of red, a combination of of Valrhona strawberry chocolate mousse, strawberry compote and lemon curd, this cake is perfect for heart-warming celebrations with your loved ones in the comfort of your home.

Available at the Pacific Marketplace for pick-up, delivery or online.

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