Hot! It’s Truffle Galore at Ginett this August

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The treasured truffle- a luxurious ingredient known for its rich flavours and distinct aromatic smell that has gotten every foodie and millenial going crazy for the highly coveted ingredient. To meet that demand, Ginett has specially curated a seasonal black truffle menu that will be launched on 6 August and will be made available for a limited time until the end of September. The menu will showcase the freshest black truffles brought to Ginett’s kitchen straight from the farms down under, where they have been painstakingly cultivated and harvested during the Australian winter.


The menu comprises of four delectable dishes and features four different ways of enjoying this gourmet ingredient. To start off with something lighter that still packs a punch, engage your tastebuds by having it deconstructed in Jerusalem Artichoke Velouté (S$19) served with Black Truffle Espuma and Pain Brûlé or toasted bread that is slightly burnt – just so. The truffle taste does not instantly overwhelm the mouth- instead it is more gradual in its intensity as you scoop spoonfuls of it into your mouth. The soup itself is rather creamy and foamy and blends well with the thin truffle slices that instantly melt in the mouth. Grab a piece of bread to soak up the soup and clean the bowl with- there’s no harm in being a little old-fashioned when it comes to cleaning a bowl of hearty and comforting soup.

Slow Cooked Egg

The 62℃ Slow-Cooked Egg (S$24) served with Black Truffle Puree, Truffle Bread and Double Boiled Beef Consomme features a very, VERY generous portion of black truffle, something that cannot be found in restaurants unless you clean out your wallet! The truffle bread helps give a hardy and mild salty texture to the soft-boiled egg, and the truffle purée helps to pile on to the the truffle goodness in the dish. This little appetizer dish has the richest truffle flavour out of the four dishes, but it is easy to understand why due to the massive amount of truffle present in the dish. Try mixing the egg concoction together as it helps to even out the truffle taste in the dish.

Roasted Bresse Chicken

If you’re in the mood for something more filling, the Roasted Bresse Chicken (S$42) served with Black Truffle Butter and Ratte Potatoes is a good choice. Generous portions of black truffles are finely grated and made into a smooth and creamy butter, intensifying the savoury flavours in a decadent take on a classic dish. The protein itself was nicely seasoned but it was a tad dry and tough to chew on the inside, but this can be easily compensated by coating the chicken with the truffle butter. The potatoes were nicely cooked and they helped to pair well with the mouthwatering combination of chicken and truffle.

Foie Gras Ravioli

Alternatively, the Homemade Foie Gras Ravioli (S$35) served with sautéed chanterelle mushrooms with black truffle cream is another main course to look forward to. The dish features three big pieces of ravioli that envelopes bite-sized portions of foie gras. The chanterelle mushrooms on the side helps to provide some texture to the dish that might remind you of lard found in your your typical Bak Chor Mee at any hawker centre! Even through three pieces of ravioli may not sound like much, it is very important for this dish to have a good portion control as too much of the foie gras coupled with the pieces of truffle would be overwhelmingly rich and make you feel bloated and nauseous rather than feeling satisfied.

Follow the intoxicating scent of black truffles to Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar at Hotel G for a pleasurable gastronomic experience and pair the meal with a glass of wine. It is highly recommended that you do not order all the dishes at one go unless you are sharing the dishes amongst your friends or family. The truffle is just too rich to have all of them at one go.

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