Hot! Kickstart your Keto Journey with Seriously Keto Guilt-Free, Low-Carb, Zero-Sugar Desserts Delivered to your Doorstep!

Seriously Keto

Seriously Keto, Singapore’s first wholly ketogenic bakery which offers an array of healthier choice bakery offerings of low carbs, gluten-free and zero sugar sweets and savouries for those who are looking to cut carbs, gluten and sugar out of their diets and/or are diabetic is now accepting online orders and delivered to your doorstep.

Guilt-free cakes and cupcakes? Satisfy your cravings with Seriously Keto’s carefully crafted bakes that won’t throw your diet into disarray. Choose from classic Chocolate (Whole Cake: S$49.90 – S$115.00; Cupcake: S$5.90/pc); berry signatures of Strawberry (Whole Cake: S$115.00; Cupcake: S$5.90/pc) and Blueberry (Whole Cake: S$49.90 – S$115.00; Cupcake: S$5.90/pc); locally derived, Pandan (Whole Cake: S$49.90 – S$115.00; Cupcake: S$5.90/pc); rich Peanut Butter (Whole Cake: S$49.90 – S$115.00; Cupcake: S$5.90/pc); and Red Velvet (Whole Cake: S$49.90 – S$115.00; Cupcake: S$5.90/pc), there’s a selection for any occasion!

For a zesty surprise, go for the citrusy Lemon (Whole Cake: S$49.90 – S$115.00; Cupcake: S$5.90/pc) or the sweet-spicy notes of Cinnamon (Whole Cake: S$49.90 – S$115.00; Cupcake: S$5.90/pc).

Every recipe at Seriously Keto is formulated in accordance to the ketogenic guidelines of zero sugar and low carb— full of everything your body needs, free of everything it doesn’t.

Take charge of your time for the remaining extended circuit breaker! Whether you’re looking to kickstart a ketogenic diet or you’ve been in it for some time now, Seriously Keto’s Bake at Home Bundle (S$27.60) is the perfect #StayHome, hands-on activity to whip up for or with your loved ones! For those who are just getting started on the keto way of life, the Bake at Home Bundle comes with clear step-by-step instructions to manoeuvre through the tricky process with the KetoBun Enhancement book included.

Each Bake at Home Bundle consists of the following:

  • 1x KetoBun Enhancements Recipe Book: Buns don’t have to be boring! This recipe book shows you 14 keto-friendly ways to take our KetoBun to a whole new level. From Hawaiian Poke Tuna Toast to Pulled Pork Burger to Japanese Wagyu Squares, you can enjoy our KetoBun any way you like all day, every day.
  • 1x KetoBun Redimix: This pre-mix KetoBun flour makes baking as easy as ABC! Bake your own KetoBuns and enjoy them fresh from the oven.

Islandwide Delivery
Indulge in your favourite Seriously Keto bakes by placing your online orders today! Seriously Keto’s brick-and-mortar store at 32 Seah Street, will remain closed, and walk-in and pick-up orders will not be available until a later date. Islandwide delivery is available Monday-Saturday: 10:30am-6:30pm, FREE delivery with any purchase of $100 and above.

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