Hot! Maison Perrier-Jouët Uveils Distinctive New Bottle Shape for Blason Rosé Champagne


Created from the 1955 grape harvest, Blason de France was Perrier-Jouët’s first prestige cuvée, and was a landmark in the Maison history. Originally available only in the most exclusive restaurants, it also graced the tables of Relais & Châteaux’s most luxurious destinations from 1975 to 1990.

The distinctive new bottle, with its elegant slender shape, highlights the illustrious heritage and savoir-faire of Maison Perrier-Jouët and evokes the traditional form that predominated in the Champagne region before the modern bottle began to replace it in the mid-19th century. The design emphasizes the floral and intricate character of Perrier-Jouët’s wines which also makes it easier to grip the bottle by its base, for a fully authentic champagne serving ritual.

In line with the Perrier-Jouët philosophy that emphasizes quality over quantity, the Maison’s cuvées are rare artefacts: aging the wines for twice as long as regulations require limits the quantities available, while the iconic Chardonnay grape variety used in the wines is becoming increasingly scarce.

Blason Rosé  Champagne

Awarded gold medals for the International Wine Challenge and Gilbert & Gaillard, the Blason Rosé has a distinctive flavour, power and roundness, and is the direct heir of the Blasons de France series, popular with food lovers everywhere. The red wines of Aÿ and Vincelles (12 to 15%) are chosen for this cuvée, rather than the powerful pinots of the south Montagne terroirs such as Bouzy. The Blason Rosé is also the cuvée with the greatest proportion of pinots, including 50% pinot noir, 25% pinot meunier, with the elegance and liveliness of chardonnay making up the remaining 25%.

The Blason Rosé is graced with a luminous rose colour, shot through with glints of pale orange. Its fine, lively and persistent sparkle lends it an intense freshness. Pomegranates, pears, apricots, blood oranges, and the fragrances of mature red fruits make up a juicy and generous blend that gives way to notes of biscuit, butter and pastries, with the delicate character of white flowers remaining throughout. With its sharp and strong sensation, the Blason Rosé is a supple and complex wine that is rich and long in the mouth.

The Blason Rosé will introduce in Singapore its versatility with 5 leading restaurants of different cuisines through a month-long trail.

To be launched from 16 November to 14 December 2018, the Blason Rosé Trail will be featured exclusively on the locally hosted page,, a platform which delves into the enchanting world of Perrier-Jouët’s upcoming events, membership privileges and showcase of the rarest vintages.

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