Modern Japanese Restaurant Takeshi-San at Holland Village is back, with highballs and Izakaya fare


CONTENT: Medina Razali

Takeshi-San at Holland Village has finally reopened its doors, now featuring a refreshed look and new menu offerings. Diners can expect a cosy and relaxed vibe, with live music performances by local rising talents. Their refreshed menu introduces more than 30 new food items, including yakimono, agemono, nimono and sushi. The vibrant izakaya also features a highball bar, offering more than 15 highball variations, with affordable prices starting as low as S$5. The interior also sees a revamp, with Instagrammable posters lining the walls, hanging fairy lights and lanterns for a cozy vibe.

For starters, try the Chinmi Chinmi Set — a platter of six chinmi items with dipping chips to pair with. Nibble on the with various marinated snacks, such as Chuka Kurage (Seasoned Jellyfish), Kimchi Tsubugai (Kimchi-Marinated Whelk), Spicy Asari and more.

As part of their opening launch promotion, the Chinmi Chinmi set is available at a promotional price of S$19.90 (U.P. S$25).

Grilled Items

A staple at every Izakaya, Yakimono is not to be missed at Takeshi-San. Relish in a variety of mouthwatering yakitori grilled meats, including pork, chicken, beef and seafood. The Tebasaki (Chicken wing) is lightly seasoned and roasted for a smoky charred finish. Sink your teeth in the Tsukune (chicken meatball) filled with juicy, well-marinated meat. For non-meat options, try the Shisito (green peppers) or shiitake mushroom sticks.

Fans of Takeshi-San would know that the izakaya is also famous for its sushi rolls. The new menu features a variety of well-loved sushi rolls as well as nigiri sushi options, perfect for sharing with friends. Craving for something crunchy yet fulfilling? Savour the Fireball Rolls, a roll of sushi packed with various ingredients like Spicy Scallop, Crabmeat, Cucumber and fried with a crisp layer of batter. Dip the Fireball Rolls into the pairing sauce of eel and spicy mayo to add a kick. If you’re a mentaiko lover, try the aburi salmon mentai sushi and tank tamago mentai sushi.

Fried Items

Be spoiled for choice as Takeshi-San has a variety of agemono delights. The staple Japanese fried snacks are fried until golden brown for a satisfying crunch. The well-loved corn croquette is a must-try, featuring a crispy thin batter filled with smooth and creamy corn. Other classic agemono items to snack on include the ebi fry, cheesy mozzarella sticks and spicy katsu.

Braised Pork Belly with Daikon, mushrooms and Onsen Egg ($8)

Warm your bellies with a selection of nimono braised dishes, take your pick from either the Butani no Nikomi (pork belly) or opt for the Mushitori (chicken). The meats are cooked with rich, hearty broth and served with an onsen egg on the side. Tuck into comforting sides, such as the fluffy chawanmushi or seafood-rich asari soup.

Wash down all the nosh with Japanese-style drinks to complete your izakaya experience. The bar area serves up an extensive variety of drinks, with more than 15 highball options as well as in-house crafted cocktails. Try unique highball flavours such as the Sui Gin Yuzu Highball, umeshu highball and Cucumber Sui Gin soda. Takeshi-San is currently having a happy hour promotion from 5-7pm for drinks, with prices starting from S$5.

38 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277694

Operating hours:
Monday to Thursday: 12noon – 2.30pm, 5pm –11pm
Friday, Saturday: 12noon – 2.30pm, 5pm – 1am (Snacks & Drinks from 11pm)
Sunday: 12noon – 10pm

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