PUTIEN Brings Premium Baijiu Shang Yang Tai from Moutai to Singapore

Shang Yang Tai- Brand Image

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Baijiu lovers will be familiar with Moutai, the province that produces some of China’s best spirits and know as the country’s national liquor. And now the province is also home to Shang Yang Tai, the latest baijiu brand crafted by Moufans Commune’s master brewers. PUTIEN has brought in the premium baijiu Shang Yang Tai to Singapore, and will be making its way to the tables at their outlets all around the island.

The brand name Shang Yang Tai is inspired by the only surviving script from China’s famous poet Li Bai, who penned thousands of poems. The script which is now in the Palace Museum for viewing lends itself to the brand’s minimalistic bottle design with the replication of the Chinese calligraphy and splashes of ink from the original artwork.

Selection, Storage and Blending

Just like its cultural inspirations, the Shang Yan Tai baijiu is smooth and easy to drink despite the high ABV at 53%. While baijiu is not the most popular choice of spirit at Chinese restaurants, its popularity is growing with the increase of the affluent and indulgence of good spirits. For now, you can get a taste of Shang Yang Tai at all PUTIEN restaurants along with their Fujian cuisines.

Food also plays a huge part in the appreciation of good baijiu, and PUTIEN restaurants are the perfect place to indulge in an authentic Chinese dining experience. The mellow tastes of Shang Yang Tai has a clean, sweet aftertaste that allows you to enjoy the elegance of the Chinese spirit. For those who haven’t had an opportunity to try baijiu, the spirit is meant to be sipped and savoured.


Or if you’re an aspiring gourmet chef, Shang Yang Tai can also be used to elevate your dishes. Simply just add a splash of baijiu to your soup or gravy for a sweet burst of flavour. Best thing is that Shang Yang Tai goes well with both rich and mellow flavours!

Shang Yang Tai is available at all PUTIEN restaurants and premium retail venues within its sole distribution network in 100ml (S$79++) and 500ml (S$379++) bottles.

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