Hot! Raffles Singapore’s La Dame de Pic Launches New Autumn-Inspired Dishes

Francesco Di Marzio, Chef de Cuisine of La Dame de Pic, Raffles Singapore

La Dame de Pic at Raffles Singapore has launched new and refreshed signature dishes that feature the season’s most quintessential produce, including white truffle in mid-October and black truffle in December 2021 prepared by with three-Michelin-starred Chef Anne-Sophie Pic.

The new Autumn menu is prepared by newly appointed Chef de Cuisine Francesco Di Marzio which promises to deliver unforgettable multi-gastronomic experiences through the seasonal 6-course Experience Menu (S$248++ per guest) and 7-course Elegance Menu (S$338++ per guest). Having worked with Chef Anne-Sophie Pic on several culinary projects and brand concepts including Maison Pic in Valence, her hometown and her family’s 132-year-old three Michelin-starred restaurant, Chef Di Marzio was handpicked by Chef Anne-Sophie Pic to lead the kitchen, continuing her perpetual search for aromatic complexity, combinations of flavours and powerful tastes that evoke emotions.

Sea Urchin from Hokkaido

For a sumptuous start to your meal when you opt for the Experience Menu, indulge in starters such as Scallop from Hokkaido, served as carpaccio glazed with mikan, tsukudani and Pike-perch roe with a mint and marigold lactic vinaigrette, and Turbot from Brittany prepared “à la meunière” with spring onion and sake lees, dressed with a geranium, tarragon, and sage sauce. Alternatively, opt for the Elegance Menu to savour equally delightful starters such as Matsutake Mushroom cooked “en papillotte” in a Bourbon Pointu coffee sabayon with a delectable mushroom consommeì infused with juniper and young ginger, and Sea Urchin from Hokkaido, served in the spirit of a “tartelette” with uni and sobacha cream, nori jelly, sudachi and nasturtium coulis.

Both menus will feature an Autumn-inspired rendition of Chef Anne-Sophie Pic’s signature Berlingots; these luscious pasta parcels filled with French cheese fondue will be served with a refreshing, yet subtle leek dashi infused with green cardamom and matcha.

The Blue Lobster from Brittany

For the main entrée, diners enjoying the Experience Menu may savour The Pigeon from Bresse, smoked and marinated with gallium odorant and sobacha, dill condiment, Chartreuse and fennel dauphine, or indulge in an Organic Welsh Lamb, marinated with fig and Sakura leaves, fig and coffee condiment. Guests who choose the Elegance Menu may relish The Blue Lobster from Brittany, cooked over coals and accompanied with sushi rice with sencha leaves and yuzu, and a crustacean bisque with genmaicha and Madras curry, or Jacque Pic’s iconic Wild Sea Bass. In addition, they may also enjoy The Pigeon from Bresse or the tender Kagoshima Wagyu Beef, marinated with laksa leaf and cooked over coals, with a side of glazed baby eggplant, black sesame, black garlic, and lemon.

Supplementing the season’s best, prized white truffle will be available in mid-October while black truffle will make an appearance in December to add a luxe touch to the epicurean creations.

Pear and White Tea

Sweet delights awaits each diner at the end of the meal. Diners will be treated to La Dame de Pic’s renowned signature White Mille-feuille, a luxurious yet delicate dessert comprising rose light cream, hibiscus jelly, spiked with a Tasmanian pepper emulsion; Tulakalum Chocolate, a green pepper panna cotta with complementary peppermint mousse and mint chocolate ice cream; or French Conference Pear and White Tea, featuring chestnut flower honey mousse and Reine de Reinettes apple tatin, accompanied by an elegant silver needle white tea ice cream. A curated assortment of fine cheeses (S$38++ per guest) from the artisanal trolley is also available for a refined finishing touch to your meal.

Diners will also have the option to select a harmonious wine and sake pairing or refreshing non-alcoholic beverage pairing to accompany the autumn-inspired culinary menu, available for both lunch and dinner.

For more information on La Dame de Pic’s Experience and Elegance Menus, please visit Website. For enquiries and reservations for dining experiences at Raffles Hotel Singapore, please call +65 6412 1816 or email 

La Dame de Pic
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