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CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Known for its extremely distinctive taste and high alcohol content, baijiu is often cited as one of the most consumed liquor in the world. While much of this consumption has been driven domestically within China, baijiu has been gaining massive popularity all across the world, from London to New York to Singapore – are quickly embracing the potential in the liquor’s fragrant aroma and complex flavors.

According to a 2021 report from valuation consultancy Brand Finance, Moutai continues to stand at the top of global baijiu brands in terms of consumer popularity. Specifically designed for the uninitiated and overseas markets, the Moutai Bulao comes in a smaller volume meant to encourage sampling and sharing in the international markets who have yet to taste Moutai before.

Moutai Bulao is distilled from fermented sorghum and rice, and is the first product in its category to include longan, wolfberry, hawthorn, and Angelica dahurica – giving it a much smoother taste instead of an intense afterburn. It is also one of the most valuable spirits worldwide as the alcohol is derived from a traditional brewing technique that has been passed down through countless generations that has resulted in one of the most complicated brewing processes in the liquor industry.

To raise awareness and encourage people to partake in Moutai Bulao abroad, the brand has introduced a new concept known as the “Tasting Era”, which refers to innovative tasting experiences. Similar to how sake is synonymous with Japanese cuisine, the “Tasting Era” aims to pair Moutai Bulao with oriental food pairings to create a delightful experience for new consumers.

Spring_Moutai Old-Fashioned

Supporting the “Tasting Era” is the brand’s newly-launched 4th generation of smart liquor experience machines, which showcases Moutai Bulao in 5 ml shots via a network of F&B and lifestyle establishments in Singapore. Unlike traditional beverage supply and distribution channels, Moutai Bulao has leveraged on improved technology to better manage supply to meet customers’ needs, enabling economies of scale by relying on digital network infrastructure, large-scale data collection and analysis, and a network of smart liquor experience machines.

Baijiu also possesses great potential in cocktails, and mixologists across the world are increasingly putting their own creative spin on the drink, such as by infusing Moutai with herbs and botanicals to showcase its fresh and delicate flavours. This presents a great opportunity for Moutai Bulao to appeal to and introduce the brand to younger audiences who are more adventurous and want to seek bold flavours. As part of the “Tasting Era”, Moutai Bulao has partnered with The Social Alley and Lamborghini Club to offer exclusive cocktails infused with the liquor.

Summer_Moutai Sonic

With its strong alcohol content and long-lasting, prominent flavour, Moutai has often been a source of inspiration in the ever-evolving culinary art scene. Moutai Bulao goes well with strong flavours such as smoked, pickled or fatty meats including Buffalo wings and pork. Seafood and Moutai Bulao also go well together as the liquor brings out the natural sweetness of fresh seafood. Other natural pairings with Moutai Bulao include grilled Korean foods, caviar and Japanese sashimi.

Customers can now enjoy access to Moutai Bulao at more than 70 locations in Singapore. For the first phase of the “Tasting Era”, MTBL is targeting to deploy 800 units of its 4 th generation of smart liquor machines across Singapore. The brand is also offering a special, limited-time treat for Singapore consumers by giving away 32,000 Moutai Bulao shots, which can be redeemed at F&B and lifestyle establishments via the Chang Chang (尝尝) app. The Chang Chang (尝尝) app can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play store.

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