Hot! Savour St Regis Singapore’s New Seasonal White Truffle and Hairy Crab Offerings!

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

White Truffle

St Regis Singapore has launched two new ala carte menus at their oriental restaurant Yan Ting and western counterpart, La Brezza.

At La Brezza, the restaurant leverages on it’s greatest strength- white truffles harvested from the region of Alba in Italy. From now until 30th November, La Brezza’s Executive Sous Chef Fabio Granata has utilized every single shaving of the highly prized ingredient into five stunning seasonal Italian dishes that include an enticing dessert piece filled with the aromatic ingredient.

Truffle enthusiasts will be treated to decadent amounts of the gastronomic ingredient as it complements the milder flavours of the dishes from the ala carte menu and blends it into a harmonious unity of flavours on the palate.

Diners can opt for a classic antipasti dish Uovo Affogato, Spinaci, Fonduta E Tartufo ($56++) that constitutes of a traditional offering of an organic poached egg, spinach, tre latti cheese fondue that makes for an extremely satisfying appetizer to get the pace of the meal off to a good start. With the richness of the egg-truffle mixture combined with the salty balance of the spinach and the hard density of the bread, this mouth-watering dish will whet one’s appetite for the rest of the dinner.

For a hearty main course, the Tajarin Al Tartufo ($60+) is a simple tagliolini pasta dish that uses tagliolini flown in from Italy for its high precision for quality that is then slathered with a butter-parmigiano cheese emulsion sauce that makes for a simple yet satisfying dish. For a more protein-focused main course, diners can opt for the Baccala E Tartufo ($80) or Faraona Con Panna E Tartufo ($70) which uses a generous piece of cod or guinea fowl as the main star of the dish that promises to leave diners with a full stomach as the last piece of the protein enters their mouth.

Finish the trufflicious experience with an unconventional yet satisfying pairing of Zeppole, Nocciole E Tartufo ($49)- Zeppole Puff with Chantilly Cream, Hazelnut Nougat and Alba Truffle Shavings. Diners can even double down on the decadence by adding additional Alba truffle shavings for market price.

Steamed Whole Hairy Crab_Yan Ting

At Yan Ting, crab lovers can indulge in the highly coveted crustacean pairs of Hairy Crabs and Alsakan King Crabs as they make their return to the Yan Ting’s kitchen from now until 15 December 2019. Masterfully prepared by Yan Ting’s master chefs, diners will have the chance to indulge in both classic and modern interpretations of these seasonal delicacies.

Well known for its delicate meat and flavourful egg roe, the Steamed Hairy Crab ($138) is simply steamed without adding any additional ingredients in order for customers to savour the crab in its fresh natural state. Although it comes without any sauce, the creamy roe in the crab will act as a natural substitute to go along with the natural sweetness of the crab. Diners can request for the staff to help them with deshelling, but in order to get all the gritty pieces out of the shell, it could take up to 20 minutes for customers to pick out every ounce of flesh from the crab. Afterwards, a complimentary cup of ginger tea will be made available to help cleanse and cool the throat.

Customers can also opt for other hairy crab dishes in order to share with their friends and family at the dinner table. The other dishes include the peppery Claypot Mung Bean Sheets with Hairy Crab Meat ($24) and a comforting pot of Braised Beancurd and Shrimp with Hairy Crab Meat ($38).

Apart from the splendour of the hairy crab feast, diners are also able to enjoy oriental and modern variations of the Alaskan King Crab in the form of the Steamed Alaskan King Crab with Chinese Wine and Egg White and Deep Fried Alaskan King Crab Legs with Salted Egg Yolk.

Note: La Brezza’s seasonal truffle menu is only available until 30th November while Yan Ting’s crab menu is available until 15 December.

St Regis Singapore is located at: 29 Tanglin Road, S247911

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