Hot! Set foot on a New Moon this Mid-Autumn with Canelé

Canele Mid-Autumn Collection 2013 - Set foot on a New Moon this Mid-Autumn with Canele

Embark on a sensorial journey this Mid-Autumn as you explore Canele’s universe of flavours and textures. Elevate the moon-gazing experience with Canele’s carefully crafted and bursting with flavours Mini Snowskin and Traditional baked mooncakes.

Canele Mini Snowskin Mooncakes with Macarons 2013 - Lemon & RoseCanele Mini Snowskin Mooncakes with Macarons 2013 - Green Tea & Pistachio, Cassis & Chocolate

Specially dedicated to all macaron lovers, begin your journey with the limited edition 8-piece Mini Snowskin Set (2 of each flavour, $48++). Unearth a crunchy macaron hidden beneath the lush layers of delicate snowskin and smooth white lotus paste accented with roasted almonds. For a tangy adventure, bite into the lemon-zest infused mini snowskin mooncake to reveal a mini macaron perfumed with lemon and piped with white chocolate. Bring to mind an air of elegance with the Rose mini snowskin mooncake, with a dainty rose macaron piped with butter cream within.

Alternatively, the Green Tea & Pistachio mini snowskin mooncake, which cocoons a mini macaron with silky green tea cream and roasted pistachio nut is a must for green tea lovers. For a luxurious bitter-sweet balance, savour the violet mini snowskin mooncake, with a cassis scented mini macaron filled with 70% chocolate ganache at its core.

Canele Traditional Mooncakes 2013Canele Traditional Mooncakes 2013 - Melon Seed & Double Yolk

Prepare to be star struck by the limited edition Deluxe Set ($48++) featuring 4 mini snowskin mooncakes (1 of each flavour), 4 mini macarons (1 of each flavour) and 2 servings of the dazzling Gold Turrons & Ruby Turrons – crafted with milk chocolate, hazelnuts, dark chocolate and roasted almonds respectively.

For those who prefer the classic golden-hued selection, Canele Traditional Baked Series is available with 3 variations; Baked Mooncake with Melon Seed (4-piece, $50++), Baked Mooncake with Single Yolk (4-piece, $52++), and Baked Mooncake with Double Yolk (4-piece, $55++)

Canele’s Mid-Autumn 2013 collection can be purchased online starting from 16 August 2013 via or at any of the four boutiques island wide. For corporate orders, email to find out more.

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