Hot! Sushi-GO Launches New Menu Including 40 New Items

Gunkan Go

Sushi-GO unveils its revamped menu comprising over 150 mainstays, of which 40 are new items which will be delivered in a mini shinkansen-shaped bullet train directly to your table via a railway track replica.

For the first time ever, the restaurant is launching a GO+ Signature series. Highlights include the GO-Tsumami Maguro (S$3.80), over a seaweed carpet, a sphere of fatty tuna sits atop sliced tuna and a block of rice. Spiralised spring onion add a delightful fragrance. Bound to earn the envy of onlookers is the mouth-watering Jumbo Ebi Roll (S$5.30). Deep-fried breaded prawn is encased within a tunnel of sushi rice. A spicy sauce drenches the roll, and shrimp roe acts as garnish. Salmon lovers must get the Atsugiri Salmon Sushi (S$2.50) or the Atsugiri Salmon Sashimi (S$6.80), both of which come with a thick cut of the fish.

Hamachi Sushi

Other must-try items include the Negitoro-GO (S$3.80), a pyramid of fatty tuna, crispy shoyu and tempura crisps. For the Inari Una Tama (S$2.50), BBQ eel and shredded egg are snugged in the pocket of the sweet beancurd skin. Promising an explosion of flavours, the Spicy Yakiniku Handroll (S$2.30) sees the marriage of tender beef in teriyaki sauce, garlic chilli oil, mayonnaise and crunchy lettuce. Flame-seared for a smoky tinge, the Aburi Hamachi Sushi (S$2.80) is built with yellowtail, ponzu jelly, spring onion and yuzu peel.

Hamburg Sushi

A reimagination of the German burger, the Hamburg Sushi (S$2.80) is made with a fried chicken hamburg patty, then topped with teriyaki sauce and cheese. Another interesting offering is the Steamed Oyster Sushi (S$3.80), which sees the seafood paired with refreshing ingredients such as ponzu jelly and yuzu peel.

Mala Salmon Skin

Accompany the sushi offerings with delectable sides. Work up an appetite with the tongue-numbing Mala Fries (S$2.80) — the golden hunks of potatoes are flecked with mala powder. Deep-fried to crunchy perfection, the Mala Salmon Skin (S$2.30) is also dusted with mala powder for spicy kick.

The new menu will retain many of Sushi-GO’s beloved favourites. The best-selling items that have earned much praise from diners includes, Mala Clam Gunkan (S$1.80) and Mala Clam (S$3.20), Lobster Salad Gunkan (S$2.50), Mentai Mayo Ebi Sushi (S$2.30), Tamago Maki (S$1.80) and Maguro Sashimi (S$5.30). Coming in two options, the GO! Kidz Meal comes with assorted sushi, fries, sides and yakult.

At the restaurant, a mini shinkansen-shaped bullet train delivers food items directly to your table via a railway track replica. The bullet train is a symbol of the restaurant’s commitment to providing fuss-free and speedy service to deliver the freshest sushi and food items to diners.

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