The Best Hotels to Usher In the Year of the Dragon this 2024

CONTENT: Isabel Tan / Yiew Kai Jie

This Year of the Dragon, usher in the Lunar New Year season at these hotels serving up mouthwatering festive delicacies. From Cantonese delights at Cherry Garden Mandarin Oriental Singapore to festive takeaway hampers at Paradox Singapore Merchant Court, we bring you the best places to feast with your loved ones this Year of the Dragon.

Cherry Garden

Cherry Garden, Mandarin Oriental Singapore

At the recently revamped Mandarin Oriental Singapore, Cantonese restaurant Cherry Garden brings an abundant selection of Chinese New Year delicacies. Start off the celebrations on a prosperous note with the Triumph Yu Sheng, featuring the finest ingredients including Pacific Ocean tuna, black caviar, jellyfish and the fan favourite crispy fish skin. Some must-have additions to your dinner feast include the Roasted Goose — imported from Hungary, sink your teeth into the crisp roasted skin and relish in the succulent, tender meat. Delight your tastebuds with the tantalising Oven Baked Pork Ribs, cooked with homemade hawthorne sauce and cherry wine fermented beancurd giving you that addictive sweet and sour flavour.

If you prefer takeaway, The Mandarin Cake Shop also offers a selection of three festive hampers for takeaway. Bring home crowd favourite dishes including the Cherry Garden Superior Pot, a rendition of the must-eat Pen Cai dish brimming with an abundance of exquisite ingredients. Don’t miss out on Chinese New Year delicacies including the six head abalone, Hashima with Rock Sugar and Traditional Nian Gao.

For your dessert fix, The Mandarin Cake Shop introduces three sweet festive treats this year. This year’s special is the Auspicious Dragon cake, infused with fragrant notes of oolong tea and sweet, fruity dragonfruit. For those who prefer more traditional flavours, the Prosperity Pineapple cake is a delightful treat that balances tart pineapple with sweet honey and fragrant jasmine. A treat for citrus lovers, the Blissful Mandarin cake includes kumquat and mandarin orange.

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Golden Peony Key Visual

Golden Peony, Conrad Centennial Singapore

Celebrate your festive dinner with Cantonese-style delicacies at the Michelin-listed Golden Peony, Conrad Centennial Singapore. Available from now until 25 February, Golden Peony offers a selection of sumptuous Cantonese dishes created under the expertise of esteemed Chef Ku Keung. Start off your reunion dinner with the quintessential Fortune Gold Flakes Yu Sheng, featuring prime ingredients such as lobster, baby abalone, crispy white bait, golden coin chicken bak kwa, fish skin, and fresh fruit.

This year’s menu includes various fusion dishes that harmoniously blend Cantonese traditional dishes with flavours of other cultures. The classic Roasted Suckling Pig is given a Korean fusion twist as it is stuffed with Fried Chicken Kimchi Fried Rice. Meanwhile, the ‘Yuan Yang’ Fish Paste Noodles features Spanish Carabinero Prawn, a unique blend of springy black and white fish paste noodles.

On the customary Seventh Day of the Lunar New Year (人日) on 16 February 2024, all guests dining for lunch and dinner can enjoy a gifted Homemade Longevity Bun.

Conrad Centennial Singapore’s international buffet Oscar’s also joins in the Chinese New Year festivities with a lavish spread of festive dishes. Guests can try their hands at the DIY Yu Sheng Bar, and enjoy a diverse selection of gastronomic delights from the live station, fresh seafood bar and tandoori station. From 9 February to 12 February, don’t miss out on the limited special brunch and dinner menu at Oscar’s, featuring exclusive menu items like free-flow Boston Lobster, Pan Fried Chicken Gyoza with Lao Gan Ma and Balsamic Pearl, Foie Gras Brioche, and more.

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Peranakan-style Yu Sheng

Paradox Singapore Merchant Court

This year, Paradox Singapore Merchant Court offers a variety of festive dining options including lunch and dinner buffets, afternoon tea, and takeaway bundles. At Ellenborough Market Café, feast on the Golden Treasures buffet, featuring a DIY Prosperity Yu Sheng session, as well as mouthwatering dishes such as Herbal Chicken with Cordyceps Flower Soup, Drunken Herbal Prawns, and Baby Abalone Fried Rice. Peranakan offerings are also available, including the classic Singapore Laksa and Cincalok Egg Omelette dishes.

For tea time, guests are in for a treat with the festive Dragon Afternoon Tea, available at the Crossroads Bar from now until 28 February. Featuring a curated selection of festive treats by Executive Pastry Chef Ben Soo, the Dragon Afternoon Tea includes the perfect balance of 12 sweet and savoury delights. Nibble on creative festive bites such as the Chocolate Firecracker, Orh Nee Fukubukuro, Cherry Lantern, Mandarin Orange, Pineapple Dragon Head Cookies, and Bak Kwa scones.

For those who prefer dining at home, in Paradox Singapore Merchant Court’s Chinese New Year takeaway bundles. The Prosperity Bundle is priced at S$588, featuring a medley of traditional delicacies, such as the classic Prosperity Yu Sheng topped with Smoked Salmon with Yuzu Chia Seed Speciality Dressing, Pipa Duck and the Crispy Dragon Grouper to usher in abundance and prosperity. Meanwhile, the Fortune Bundle, priced at S$788, features Peranakan dishes with a modern twist. Try the unique Peranakan-style Yusheng, Pongteh-style Pork belly served with Taiwanese steamed buns and Pan-fried Nian Gao, topped with red sugar and a coconut floss.

Chinese New Year’s Eve is filled with merriment at Paradox Singapore — Enjoy a lively lion dance performance to elevate the festive spirit, and receive a complimentary Yu Sheng platter at Ellenborough Market Café for your celebratory lo hei with your loved ones.

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Man Fu Yuan Abundance Treasure Pot

Man Fu Yuan, InterContinental Singapore

As the Year of the Dragon is less than a month away, Man Fu Yuan at InterContinental Singapore invites you and your loved ones to immerse yourself in an exquisite Lunar New Year celebration. Running from now until February 29, 2024, this culinary haven nestled in the heart of the city promises a captivating experience with refined menus and a wide opulent selection of Lunar New Year delights.

In a grand tradition of shock and awe, Man Fu Yuan presents the show-stopping ‘Dragon’s Wealth’ Yu Sheng (S$888++). The 60-inch culinary masterpiece features a magnificent dragon head and tail that symbolizes strength, power, health, and good luck that will be able to serve up to 10 guests. Crafted with precision and adorned with luxurious ingredients like rock lobster, sea urchin, ikura, salmon sashimi, completed with honey miso golden peach dressing and shallot oil promises an auspicious start to the New Year. (Note: This dish is only available for dine-in at the restaurant only.)

Other noteworthy à la carte dishes include the establishment’s signature Roasted Suckling Pig (S$78), the Fortune Oven-Baked Lobster (S$55) and Lunar Bliss Sichuan Style Chicken (S$78).

Another main highlight of the Lunar New Year offerings is Man Fu Yuan’s Abundance Treasure Pot (S$498) filled with a treasure trove of delectable ingredients, including rock lobsters, premium sea cucumbers, whole abalone, is a culinary delight to behold and relish that can be enjoyed with five other guests either at the establishment or in the comfort of your own home!

Apart from the à la carte dishes, Executive Chinese Chef Aaron Tan and his team present a vast selection of Lunar New Year set menus that cater to various preferences and group sizes. The five-course Blissfulness Prix-Fixe Menu (S$888++) for five guests that showcases signature dishes like the Double-boiled collagen soup with Sakura chicken, Wok-fried trio glutinous rice with honey-glazed barbecued Duroc pork char siew.

For an extravagant feast, the seven-course Harvest Prix-Fixe Menu (S$1,498++) for 5 guests uses top-notch quality ingredients to produce some of the best dishes that Chef Aaron has curated to date! These include the Smoked Roasted Irish duck with wild mushroom and truffle sauce, Braised South Africa three-head dried abalone and Steamed Atlantic Cod Fish Fillet.

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Fortune Pot 'Pen Cai'Hua Ting

Hua Ting, Orchard Hotel Singapore

Step into the enchanting Hua Ting Restaurant this Lunar New Year as it transforms into a haven of festive spirit, adorned with vibrant Chinese New Year decorations that radiate joy and prosperity for the Lunar New Year 2024!

Indulge in the culinary artistry of Master Chef Lap Fai with the Dragon Dynasty Yu Sheng (S$388++).This lavish creation masterpiece features premium ingredients such as South African Abalone, French Ice Lettuce, and Australian Lobster that forms a resplendent dragon that symbolizes prosperity and abundance. It’s the perfect dish to elevate your celebrations and welcome the new year with joyous reunions with your loved ones!

For a feast of epic proportions, savor the Hua Ting Fortune Pot ‘Pen Cai’ (S$368 for 5 pax, S$688 for 10 pax). This culinary treasure trove boasts delicacies like Abalone, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Dried Scallop, Live Prawn, Dried Oyster, Roast Duck, Pork Belly, and Shiitake Mushroom. Presented in a red container that symbolizes good fortune, it’s a visual and gastronomic masterpiece that promises a joyous celebration with loved ones. Other noteworthy signature favourites include the Golden Suckling Pig (S$408) and the delectable Signature Irish Roasted Duck (S$118).

For the finest feast to indulge with your loved ones, explore Hua Ting’s auspicious Lunar New Year Set Menus! Priced from S$148 to S$228 per person (minimum 2 diners) and S$1288 to S$4888 (for 10 persons), these menus features exquisite chef-curated dishes such as Buddha Jumps over the Wall with Bird’s Nest, Truffle Glutinous Rice, Steamed Empurau in Superior Soya Sauce and Double Boiled Almond Cream with Glutinous Rice Ball.

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