The Best Restaurants to Usher In the Year of the Dragon this 2024

CONTENT: Michelle Ng/ Adriel Yong

This Year of the Dragon, usher in the Lunar New Year season at these restaurants serving up mouthwatering festive delicacies. From Indonesian restaurant Kota 88 to buffet spread at Estate at Hilton Singapore Orchard, we bring you the best places to feast with your loved ones this Year of the Dragon.

Kota 88


As the Year of the Dragon dawns, feast on festive fare at Kota88 Restaurant. The acclaimed Chinese Indonesian restaurant in East Coast puts its unique spin on Chinese New Year dishes, infusing them with Indonesian influences.

Start your reunion dinner in auspicious style with their vibrant Yu Sheng, a kaleidoscopic toss of fresh veggies, crackers and raw fish sure to bless your year ahead. Savor the rich, indulgent Fish Maw Soup too. And slow-braised Emperor Chicken with Chinese Wine bursts with herbs for prosperity.

Signature dishes shine, like succulent Bebek Panggang duck with irresistible crispy skin. Or satisfy your spice cravings with fiery Kombo Cha Sio and Sio Bak alongside sambal. Even Mie Goreng Special Kota88 piles on an impressive medley of meats and seafood.

Exclusively through February 29, celebrate with 20% off any wine bottle paired with Chinese New Year sets. And let Kota88’s multicultural flair enliven your lunar new year, whether dining in or enjoying their delivery options. Bon appétit and greetings for a very lucky Year of the Dragon!

Dian Xiao Er

Dian Xiao Er

To ring in the Dragon year, Dian Xiao Er has curated three Chinese New Year Set Menus for dine-in customers and exciting takeaway bundles for any home celebrations with the family. The Chinese New Year Menus all start with the Smoked Salmon Yusheng, a simple yet satisfying auspicious start with chunky salmon slices. The menus feature new menu items, like the sweet and tangy Prosperity Pineapple Pork Ribs, Golden Zesty Deshelled Prawns that come bathed in a lemon sauce, and an umami burst of flavours from the Braised Fish Maw with Fish Roe Fortune Bag.

The Double Happiness bundles comes in small (S$118) large (S$138) sizes, and will include Dian Xiao Er’s signature Herbal Roast Duck and a Smoked Salmon Yusheng. The Triple Delights Prosperity Bundle (S$158/ S$208) adds in a Fortune Pork Trotter to the earlier items, while the Four Seasons Of Harmony Bundle (S$208, S$298) completes the meal with Braised Sea Cucumber & Mushrooms with Abalone. The Signature Herbal Roast Duck (S$75) and the Prosperity Pencai are also available as a standalone takeaway item, although pre-orders are strongly encouraged as its their most popular items on the menu!

The Chinese New Year Menu and items are available at all Dian Xiao Er outlets until 24 February 2024.

Ohayo mamasan

Ohayo Mama San

Creation Renowned for culinary innovation, Ohayo Mama San sets out to make the Year of the Dragon truly memorable with the debut of its most spectacular yusheng yet – the “Heavenly Cloud”. Layers of fresh salmon slices form the base, artfully arranged atop a rainbow assortment of julienned veggies. The whole presentation is then dusted with five-spice and dressed to perfection in plum sauce and yuzu ponzu, ensuring a balanced symphony of flavors in each toss.

But it’s the presentation that elevates this yusheng to new realms of Instagrammability. As patrons toss the salad high, plumes of “smoke” billow forth from dry ice tucked beneath – a magical effect evoking heavenly clouds. It’s the perfect metaphor for ushering in new beginnings and overflowing prosperity.

From January 15th to 31st, this show-stopping creation can be enjoyed for just S$48++ in-store or online. But for the full multi-sensory experience, Ohayo Mama San recommends dining in, as takeaway servings won’t include the dry ice feature.

Estate_CNY Reunion Dinner with Family

Estate, Hilton Singapore Orchard

Celebrate Chinese New Year with an indulgent buffet spread at Estate. Every table will kick off their meal with a complimentary Prosperity Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng, before tucking into the buffet, which will have a New Year Specials corner with Braised Pork Belly with Sugar Cane, Whole Roasting Suckling Pig, and Estate’s Signature Black Truffle Roasted Duck, Wok Hei Tiger Prawns, and Szechwan-style Maine Lobster Dumplings.

On the weekend, there will be an opulent Chinese New Year edition of Estate’s Grand Sunday Champagne Brunch, where you can enjoy both Lunar New Year dishes and the extensive spread of European cheeses. Make sure to leave space for the exclusive desserts inspired by the auspicious holiday like Mandarin Orange Cheesecake and Papaya with Peach Gum and Snow Fungus. Adding to the festive cheer, kids and families can try their hands at Chinese Calligraphy Learning during the Sunday Brunch

The Estate Lunar New Year Lunch and Dinner Buffet is available from 9 to 14 February 2024, and the Estate Lunar New Year Grand Sunday Champagne Brunch is available on 11 February 2024.

Dragon Chamber

Dragon Chamber

In the yearly whirlwind of festivities that Chinese New Year unfurls, the scrumptious reunion dinners take center stage. Food enthusiasts can treat themselves and their loved ones to an array of gastronomic delights with The Dragon Chamber’s New Year Set Menu (S$488++) fit for groups of 5 with the following dishes that signify prosperity and good fortune:

Kickstart your lunar feast with a twist on the traditional Lobster Salad “Yu Sheng” for S$98++. This dish takes the customary smoked salmon to new heights, coupling it with juicy crispy prawns, and a bed of vibrant red dragon fruit and crisp greens, all crowned with a majestic whole spiny lobster. It’s not just a dish; it’s a rainbow-hued spectacle of flavor and fortune to toss high towards the heavens.

Continuing the marine journey, dive into the depths of the Fish Maw, Crab Meat & Conpoy Soup, a heartwarming concoction that’s a staple in any celebration. Each spoon is a taste of the ocean’s bounty, a tapestry of textures and tastes that encapsulate tradition.

For a touch of excitement, the Crispy Red Coral Trout arrives on the scene. Wok-tossed with a lively XO sauce, nestled in a lattice of crispy noodles – flanked by sweet peas and crunchy celery – this dish is both a visual and flavorful ballet.

The Braised Abalone with Spinach Tofu is where luxury meets wellness. Tender South African 6-head abalone sits atop a pillowy mound of spinach-infused tofu, with broccolini adding a pop of verdant vibrancy and a nod to healthy indulgence.

The unmissable Tea Smoked Chicken Rice is a smoky, aromatic affair; claypot rice serves as the base for a succulent Pu-er tea-smoked kampong chicken, accompanied by a trio of condiments that each tell their own story.

Finally, sweeten the deal with the Brown Sugar “Nian Gao” Rice Cake for S$12++. This sticky glutinous marvel, lightly dusted with roasted kinako flour and kissed by a drizzle of Okinawan brown sugar, offers a perfect endnote to the meal, making each bite an ode to the sweetness of a new beginning.