Thirty9 at Duxton Hill is an underrated gem for authentic Italian comfort food

Thirty9 Exterior

CONTENT: Isabel Tan

If you’re looking for non-pretentious Italian cuisine done right, Thirty9 Duxton Hill is one to add to your eat list. Featuring a cosy, laid-back rustic vibe, dinner at Thirty9 is reminiscent to the trattoria experience in Italy. With a lush alfresco outdoor seating area and a cozy indoor dining setting, Thirty9 accommodates for every mood and occasion.

Located next to sister restaurant Latteria Mozzarella Bar, Thirty9 is also owned and run by Italian couple Peter and Giusi Stilli. At the helm of the kitchen is head chef Erik Trozza, serving up comforting Italian fare that pays homage to the rich culinary history and signature flavours of Italy.

From hand-crafted ravioli to pizza, we highlight the key dishes to try at Thirty9.

Dinner at Thirty9 starts off with foccacia bread and olive oil. The foccacia is a lovely start to the dinner experience; light and airy yet flavourful. Pair the foccacia with bresaola, a moreish platter of home cured air dried beef.

We also tried the fritto misto di paranza, a basket of fried seafood — featuring a seasonal assortment of lightly battered seafood. Depending on what seafood is in season, diners can expect a mix of calamari, octopus, prawns, and clams; paired with a homemade garlic mayo dip.

Main course
For mains, Thirty9 serves up essential Italian fare — we tried the pizza genovese, ravioli, as well as the grilled t-bone steak.

The pizza genovese is a handmade pizza featuring a pesto base. Clean on the palate, the pesto pizza is simple, yet done right — topped with fresh shrimp, mozzarella cheese, lightly whipped mascarpone, potato and tomato.

Another dish quintessential to Italian cuisine, the ravioli here is not to be missed. Handmade by head chef Erik Trozza, this ravioli is a simple yet homely dish that just hits the spot. The warm morsels of ravioli are comforting, stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese and cooked in a savoury sauce of lemon, butter and Parmigiano cheese. The addition of lemon zest cuts through the flavour and adds a refreshing touch. While many restaurants out there try to replicate the ravioli with new flavours, the ravioli at Thirty9 is one we’d come back to when we’re looking for a no-frills authentic ravioli that’s done right.

The highlight of the mains menu is the fiorentina, the Italian rendition of grilled t-bone steak. At Thirty9, this dish is one for the steak lovers — featuring a generous portion of steak grilled to mouthwatering perfection. Juicy, melt in your mouth steak is accompanied with roasted rosemary baby potatoes on the side and classic steak sauce.

Thirty9 food

When you’re here, you can’t miss out on dessert. Thirty9 serves up authentic, truly Italian dessert including the tiramisu and cannoli. The classic tiramisu here features fluffy, light savoiardo sponge, and creamy fluffy mascarpone infused with Italian liquer, amaretto disaronno for a nutty taste.

It’s hard to find a place that does the classic cannoli right. At Thirty9, the cannoli is executed to perfection; both visually and taste-wise, it doesn’t disappoint. Sink your teeth into the crisp shell and savour the creamy chocolate cream filling. The cannoli is topped with sea salt to balance the palate, making this a moreish dessert.

The Verdict
Amidst the influx of Italian restaurants popping up all over Singapore, Thirty9 will remain etched in our minds whenever the Italian food cravings hit. The dishes here truly hit right; and the chic, cozy ambience is perfect for Friday date nights or get-togethers with friends.

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