Westholme Presents an Exclusive two nights Australian Wagyu dinner at Culina at COMO Dempsey


Respected global leader in the Australian Wagyu market, Westholme brings the world’s best Wagyu to top kitchens with an exclusive dinner over two nights at Culina Bistro at COMO Dempsey.

Founded on careful breeding, commitment to animal welfare, the pristine Australian environment and an unending striving for excellence. Westholme operates the biggest Wagyu herd in Australia on vast, natural rangelands in Northern Queensland.

Born wild on vast rangelands, Westholme cattle remain with their mothers until they are ready to wean. The cattle then graze freely for two years, until they are moved to spacious feedlots where they are fed for at least 330 days on a proprietary grain mix, much of which is grown directly on the Westholme estate.

The Westholme herd is derived from the finest Japanese Wagyu in the world and originates from three founding patriarch bulls – Hirashige-Tayasu (from the Kedaka line); Itomoritaka (from the Fujioshi line) and Kitateruyasu-doi (from the Tajiri/Tajima line).

Westholme cattlemen and women work tirelessly to unlock the genetic potential of the world’s finest Wagyu cattle. They do this through superior animal care and a deep understanding of the qualities that chefs require to deliver pinnacle dining experiences. The result is a unique expression of Australian Wagyu that chefs love for its consistency, signature marbling, tenderness and deep, complex flavour.


Bringing the rich flavour of Westholme Wagyu to the fore at an exclusive two-night only dinner is Executive Chef Timothy de Souza of Culina Bistro. Scheduled over two Saturdays August 27 and September 3, The Westholme Way is priced at S$150nett per person for a minimum reservation of two guests. The menu will showcase the quality and versatility of Westholme Wagyu with Raw, Fried, Grilled and Roasted dishes of different cuts, together with a range of recommended wines available by bottle.

Expect raw options of Karubi Plate Carpet Bag Steak featuring poached oyster and pine nut cream, and a Tri Tip Tartare with shaved truffles and potato galette along with Sirloin sandwich, Grilled Short Rib Salad, Roasted Tenderloin Wellington with truffle potato puree and buttered carrots and more.

Enjoy a Gift with Purchase Promotion from now till 31 August with every purchase of S$150 worth of Westholme tenderloin and striploin products, consumers will receive a complimentary Westholme Steak knife worth S$70.

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